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New Filter Feature To Tackle Hate Speech To Be Launched By Instagram

New Filter Feature To Tackle Hate Speech To Be Launched By Instagram
The Facebook owned social media platform Instagram will be using a filtering mechanism on the platform that will filter offensive words, phrases and emojis on the photo-sharing app so as to prevent its users from viewing possibly abusive messages.
The new filter option for abusive direct messages that will be rolled out soon will also make it significantly harder for people who have been blocked by other users to circumvent and contact them through new accounts, the company said on Wednesday.
It is claimed that Instagram is more popular among teens and young adults than Facebook's main app and the company has been pushing on its efforts to tackle hate speech and online abuse on the platform.
Users themselves can customize the new filter feature, which can be by them activated on Instagram in privacy settings, and include words phrases and emojis that the users themselves do not wish to see and hence would be blocked or the users can easily avoid receiving such messages in their message requests.
Instagram said that reporting, deleting or opening messages can be done at the discretion of the users which will be sorted into a hidden requests folder. The company further said that this new feature will be rolled out to in some countries in the coming weeks and this new feature will only be applicable for to direct message requests and not the inbox itself, the social media company said.
The company also said that within the next few weeks the extended option to entirely block out people from contacting them on Instagram after those users have blocked will be available to all the asp users.

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