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New Era of Food and Beverage Packaging to be offered by GE Digital and SIG

New Era of Food and Beverage Packaging to be offered by GE Digital and SIG
A wide range of digital innovation in food and beverage packaging will be offered by a joint collaboration between GE Digital and SIG - a firm dealing in packaging systems and solutions dedicated for the food and beverage industry.
The companies say that new possibilities, intelligent solutions and new levels of efficiency for customers would be created for more than 400 customer factories worldwide by the deployment of GE Digital’s Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) and Predix ServiceMax industrial applications by SIG.
There is a rising trend among clients of the food and beverage industry of desiring innovation in products and packaging so that it is convenient and are also safe and sustainable as well as affordable and differentiated and therefore experts say that the time is right for digital transformation of the packaging in the industry. on the other hand, there is an enhanced demand for new technologies which can help producers to quickly identify, predict and act according to the change in consumer and market demands and hence there is need for new technologies among producers because they are also facing challenges such as competitive pressures, supply chain complexities and ever-shorter production cycles.
An end-to-end digital platform which will help to usher in a new degree of insight and data-driven intelligence to customers worldwide will be helped to be built by SIG by the coming together of GE Digital’s APM and ServiceMax applications. This will also help SIG to transform the process of predicting, managing and servicing the complete lifecycle of SIG filling lines.
SIG and their customers would be able to do more than traditional asset monitoring and making use of predictive service models to reconfigure their supply chain, increase technologies for quality control and better their portfolio mix by the process of automatic collection and analysis of asset data by making use of billions of data points throughout the operations globally and in real time.
“Our ability to harness data is central to delivering on our promise of opening up new opportunities for our customers,” said Rolf Stangl, SIG, CEO. “By tapping into information in new and innovative ways, we will be able to deliver an unmatched level of performance, security, transparency and creativity across the entire food and beverage supply chain – through to the end consumer.”
“Digital is reshaping every sector, and industrials know they need to own the productivity of their assets to succeed,” said Bill Ruh, GE Digital, CEO. “By adopting Predix applications, SIG is establishing itself as a leader in the transformation of food and beverage packaging. This partnership brings our teams together to write a new chapter for SIG and for the industry.”
Services such as as-a-service delivery, performance-based and subscription solutions would be provided by SIG with the help of the new digital service model.
“This will be a true strategic partnership,” said SIG’s Rolf Stangl. “We are excited to work alongside an experienced digital industrial company to collaborate on innovative solutions – from 3D-printed spare parts to a fully connected, intelligent supply chain to innovative ways to bring advanced tracking and intelligence direct to the consumer.”

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