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Netflix May Raise Rates Following The Success Of The Crackdown On Password-Sharing

Netflix May Raise Rates Following The Success Of The Crackdown On Password-Sharing
When streaming industry pioneer Netflix reports earnings on Wednesday, it's anticipated that it will lay the groundwork for price rises following its crackdown on password-sharing, which likely increased subscribers by approximately 6 million in the third quarter.
In order to reach the more than 100 million users who use its service without subscribing, Netflix, the only profitable major streamer, has restricted password sharing outside of homes rather than raising ad-free fees this year like rivals like Walt Disney.
After the Hollywood actors' strike is over, it might raise costs, according to a media story from earlier in October.
The Writers Guild of America (WGA), five months after announcing a strike that rocked Hollywood, last week ratified a new deal with major studios.
Netflix, on the other hand, has fared the strike well because of its broad international reach and robust content offering.
Analysts predict that Netflix may increase the price of its ad-free alternatives in the upcoming months to move more members to the other tier, where ads help bring in more income per user, after the ad plan launched last year had a sluggish start.
According to observers, the majority of Netflix subscribers since the password crackdown have chosen the ad-free packages. The monthly cost of the ad-supported basic plan is $6.99, while the prices for ad-free plans start at $15.49.
"Using these tactics, Netflix will likely double its ad-supported viewership next year," said Insider Intelligence analyst Ross Benes. He expects Netflix to show more ads to users over time, catching up with rivals.
According to projections by Visible Alpha, the ad tier will generate around $188.1 million in income during the third quarter that concluded in September, with 2.8 million new subscribers.
According to LSEG data, Wall Street anticipates the streamer to record its greatest quarterly subscriber additions this year.
The current seasons of "Sex Education" and "Virgin River" were among the high-quality programmes that helped the third quarter's revenue rise 7.7% to $8.54 billion, the biggest growth in five quarters.

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