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‘Most Powerful Rocket In The World’ To Be Launched By SpaceX This Month Carrying A Tesla Car

‘Most Powerful Rocket In The World’ To Be Launched By SpaceX This Month Carrying A Tesla Car
The biggest rocket launched so far is going to be sent to space by SpaceX.
The rocket has been named the Falcon Heavy and would be launched by end of the month. This was announced by the Chief Executive of the company Elon Musk through social media earlier this week.
The Falcon Heavy is the "most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of two", claimed the space exploration company of the billionaire and owner of electric car maker Tesla.
The power, which has the equivalent of 2,500 tons of thrust, of the latest rocket would be equal to the power that is generated by 18 Boeing 747 aircrafts when their engines would be running at full throttle. This was claimed by Musk in an Instagram post last Thursday.
While a final launch of the new rocket would be made at the end of the month, the space company would also carry out a test firing of the rocket next week, revealed Musk on social media.
There have been multiple delays of the Falcon Heavy. The company had found that the rocket was much harder to develop than was first anticipated, Musk had admitted last year.
No payload from any customer would be carried abroad the latest rocket for the test flight. In its place, David Bowie's "Space Oddity" into "a billion year elliptic Mars orbit" would be played on the rocket as it carries an original Tesla Roadster, a car from Musk’s car company, he announced.
However, some customers have been lined up by SpaceX for the Falcon Heavy to be taken to space. Payloads from the U.S. Air Force and others from satellite firms Arabsat and Inmarsat are in line to be taken into space by the new rocket. However no specific date for  the launch of the rocket has yet been fixed.
The Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39A is the launch pad from where the Falcon Heavy test launch would be carried out.
In recent months, the space company has increased its number of launches. The rockets manufactured by the company are reusable – which means that they are able to launch from Earth with a payload, deliver it in space and return back safely to Earth and land on a droneship in the sea. This has enabled the company to make multiple uses of a single rocket which has brought down the cost of the space flights, SpaceX says. The aim of the company is to make launches of its rockets with pay load at interval of two weeks.
This weekend, a classified U.S. government payload codenamed "Zuma" is all set to be launched by the company into space.

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