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Microsoft To Supply Business Software To Coca Cola In A Five-Year Deal

Microsoft To Supply Business Software To Coca Cola In A Five-Year Deal
 A five year deal was struck between Microsoft Corp and Coca Cola to supply software for the soft drinks company’s business. This announced by the tech giant on Monday. The software will include Microsoft’s Teams chat app as well as various tools for Coca Cola’s customer service agents.
The size and the volume of the deal were not disclosed by the companies. However they said that the deal will also include Dynamics 365, a suite of Microsoft tools that is a direct rival of the corporate software management tools of Inc.
In the business segment of general-purpose business software such as email and word processing apps, Microsoft is one of the leading players and has strong hold on the market. However the United States based tech giant has been striving hard to gain a greater market share and customers for its specialized software such as apps that are aimed at customer service and sales activities.
Technology of Microsoft will be leveraged by Coca Cola to garner information from several of its internal systems while also using artificial intelligence to fetch data from them and answer questions, said James Phillips, the corporate vice president for Microsoft's business applications group, in an interview to the media.
Coke will initially offer the software and the systems internally to its employees "rather than making the employee understand that you need to go over here to request vacation time, over there to look at your last payroll slip, or to some other system to understand what educational courses may be available" in the first phase, Phillips said.
The software from Microsoft would help the company by "replacing previously disparate and fragmented systems”, said Barry Simpson, senior vice president and chief information and integrated services officer of Coca Cola.
The software from Microsoft will be ultimately used by the customer service agents of Coca Cola in a plan that will allow them to quickly answer questions from the customers of the beverage maker, which include major retailers and grocers, said Microsoft's Phillips.

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