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Microsoft To Rival Sony With Launch Of Its New Cloud Gaming Service

Microsoft To Rival Sony With Launch Of Its New Cloud Gaming Service
Microsoft is set to launch a major streaming service aimed a casual gamers with the promise of cutting ties to the living room with the scheduled launch of its Xbox cloud gaming service on Tuesday. It is priced at $1 for new users' first month.
This is also a major push by the company to rival with Sony in this arena.
A lot more games compared to the 150 games via the cloud on Xbox consoles, Android devices and PCs will bee available for playing for users and subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which has been priced at $14.99 a month.
There will also be no need for a subscriber to purchase a console separately for playing the games which can be enjoyed with just an Android device and a supported controller.
The initial launch of the service will take place in 22 countries including the United States and 19 countries of Europe. This move by Microsoft also marks a major shift by the company into the arena of cloud gaming that will eliminate the requirement for purchasing and installing bulky hardware but requires a fast internet connection. Some of the other new entrants into this field include Google, which has found it difficult to build a loyal following for its Stadia service.
“We built this experience so that it requires as little bandwidth as possible,” said Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s head of cloud gaming. “We’re also working with ISPs (internet service providers) around the world to ensure a strong connection between gamers and our Azure datacenters.”
There are more than 10 million members for the Xbox Game Pass service.
According to Guilherme Fernandes, analyst at gaming analysis firm Newzoo, compared to a total market revenue of $600 million this year, revenues from cloud gaming revenue is expected to reach a total of $4.8 billion by 2023 all across the industry.
As part of the monthly fee, hit titles like “Sea of Thieves” and “Gears 5” can also be played by subscribers to the Xbox cloud service. For the incumbents looking to maintain their lead, the games library is seen as key.
Till bout 10 years ago, that job profile did not even exist. Currently, these virtual cameramen entertain millions.
It is expected that with the next-generation devices to be launched this year by both Microsoft and Sony, sales of consoles is expected to be driven by an anticipated demand for immersive experiences, via better sound and graphics, according to analysts.
An increase in demand from people stuck at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic has made gaming on a tear. The aim of Microsoft is to achieve popularity for its new services by offering users and subscribers multiple ways to play via the cloud service and by offering consoles at different price points so that more consumers are attracted to the service.
However one of the possible impediments to the growth of cloud gaming is latency which is denoted as the time delay that happens between pressing a button and getting the reaction on screen. But the buildup of 5G telecom services is anticipated to speed up its adoption.

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