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Meta Leadership Primer: NFC

For some time now, Near Field Communication has taken mobile device connectivity to a whole new level, and this is one of the most promising advancements in digital technology. The NFC developed by the combined effort of Phillips and Sony has risen dramatically in popularity and is widely becoming accepted as recent smartphones, and other mobile devices are equipped with the feature.

Many people would prefer to buy an NFC-enabled smartphone in recent time, but many others may not know what this NFC fuzz is all about. Let’s dig a little deeper into what it is as well as see how I have deployed it personally.

What is NFC?

NFC (meaning Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology that makes use of the magnetic field of every device to connect to other NFC- enabled devices and share data. We observe the practical application of NFC while making payments at pay points where you can swipe your smartphone or card over a machine, and that’s it. Even with our smartphones, we find it easy to connect with other mobile devices by only bringing them a few centimeters close to themselves so that they can share data across the magnetic field.

What’s Special about NFC?

NFC has made it possible for you to make cashless payments via your mobile devices without having to carry your cards or wallet. Your mobile device serves as a virtual wallet and then by bringing it a few centimeters close to the NFC-enabled payment machine at the payment terminal, your transaction is completed. That simple! This saves a lot of time trying to deal with cards and pins and also relieves you of too many cash transactions. It is super-fast.

Just like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the NFC connects to devices wirelessly, but it is different from these technologies in the sense that, it can only operate at very close proximity (within the magnetic field of the devices). Its proximity is synonymous to the Radio Frequency Identity, but NFC allows data to transfer faster compared to RFID and Bluetooth, and may not handle huge files.

Soon mobile devices that are not NFC-enabled may find it challenging to compete in the market because most phone users transact regularly and will be very comfortable making payments via their smartphones and at a swift pace. Although this technology is not yet universally adopted as the primary method for payments, it is an auspicious tech advancement that can change the face of cashless transactions entirely.


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NFC for makes it easier to do business with you.

So, this technology piqued my interest about 3 years ago and I did some digging. A lot of technical specs and documentation was found. So, I got creative and decided to think about how I could leverage this for myself. What I found was amazing. I got a hold of business cards with and RFID tag embedded into the paper. The provider offered a website that allowed me to control the actions of NFC enabled phones once my card was scanned. I could do things like pull up my contact information to be saved as a contact directly to the user’s phone. Imaging that? No typing by the user, just scan my card and click save. Nice. But what else? I also realized that using this technology I could launch a website once the card was scanned. So, I deployed that as well. Yup, now with just the scan of my business card, users get taken to the purchase page for my book Meta Leadership on

See the video here:
N FC Business Card

What this means is that technologies that seem next level or extremely cost intensive are really not and can be put to use by a variety of businesses in a variety of industries with little cost.

So, I ask you again, If I was able to deploy this technology making it orders of magnitude easier for users to purchase my book, why haven’t you made it easier for your customers to give you their money?

I want to thank the brilliant people at for providing this service and making it easy to implement. You are a credit to your professional and your customers are provided a uniquely wonderful product well worth the price.

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