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Merger Deal Altered By T-Mobile And Sprint

Merger Deal Altered By T-Mobile And Sprint
New merger terms had been agreed upon by T- Mobile US and Sprint Corp so that they could get over the regulatory hurdles, the two companies said, and added that they expect the deal to close by as early as April 1 this year.
About 43 per cent in the new merged company will be held by T- Mobile's parent Deutsche Telekom according to the terms and conditions of the new revised deal between the companies. Under the earlier merger deal, the stake for Deutsche Telekom in the new entity was at 42 per cent. About 24 per cent of the stocks will be held by SoftBank while the rest will be sold to the public shareholders.
Under the new deal between the companies, about 48.8 million T-Mobile shares that had been acquired by SoftBank will be surrendered to the 'new company' with an altered exchange ratio to 11 Sprint shares for each T-Mobile share which would be higher than the originally agreed 9.75 shares.
The original fixed exchange ratio will continue to be applicable for Sprint shareholders other than SoftBank.
The merger was approved by a judge of a Federal court in the United States last week while also rejecting a claim by a group of states that had argued that the deal should not be allowed to take place because it would result in violation of antitrust rules and would result in increased costs for users.
Its arguments against the merger was dropped on Sunday by the state of New York and said that it would not file any appeal against the ruling of the court to allow the deal through.
The new T-Mobile would have a market value of around $120 billion, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges said on Wednesday. In comparison, the market leaders AT&T and Verizon have market valuations of $274 billion and $242 billion respectively.

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