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G20 statement does not rebuke BOJ’s negative interest rate policy

An advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister has clarified that the G20’s statement does not in any way reflect on BOJ’s working. An advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister has disclosed that the G20’s agreement that monetary policy alone cannot lead to a balanced growth, does not in any way impose...

Slow pace of reforms prompts Moody’s to review China’s economic outlook as ‘negative’

High debt levels in Chine state-owned companies could make the cost of servicing that debt very high. In its latest outlook which reflects on the fundamentals of the Chinese economy, Moody’s has downgraded the Chinese government’s debt to "negative" from "stable" citing increased uncertainty over...

Improved efficiency in U.S. shale operations likely to affect OPEC’s oil strategy

One thing is for sure, the glut in the oil market will take longer to resolve. For U.S. shale oil producers $40 is going to be the new $70. A couple of months back, shale oil companies in the U.S. had said they found it unprofitable to drill below prices of $60 a barrel. Now however some oil...

France gives Google a $1.76 billion arrears tax notice

Unlike Britain, France is not willing to compromise, yet on its tax demand for arrears. As per a source from the France’s Ministry of Finance, the French government is demanding that U.S. internet search engine giant Google pay 1.6 billion euros in back taxes. Google has been criticized for using...

5 Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Once, millionaire and owner of a successful business Richard St. John come to think: "What makes successful people successful?” He interviewed 500 most successful people, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and J.K. Rowling. Then, having analyzed hundreds of interviews, biographies and memoirs, he wrote the book "8 to be great". There, he speaks about eight main qualities of leaders. Here are five of them

Why We Make Mistakes

90% of the errors are caused by the human factor. And we are victims of such mistakes.
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