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Major Global Shoemaker To Stop Using Brazilian Leather Over Amazon Fires


Major Global Shoemaker To Stop Using Brazilian Leather Over Amazon Fires
No leather from Brazil would be bought as long as the fire in the Amazon continues, announced a major US shoemaker.
This is the first major response from the corporate to the huge fires raging in the Amazon forests. According to the announcement by VF Corp, the company will stop all use of leather it imports from Brazil for making its products until it has "the confidence and assurance that the materials used in our products do not contribute to environmental harm in the country." VF Corp is the owner of brands such as Timberland, Vans and The North Face.
The increased global demand for leather and beef has resulted in large portions of the Amazon forests being cleared to make way for cattle farms, and this activity is believed to be one of the major causes of the fires.
There can be a devastating blow in the fight against climate change because of the fires that have been raging on for a record number of days, scientists have warned.
VF Corp. is a major player in apparel and footwear. Apart from those mentioned above, the company also owns brands such as Eastpak and JanSport. According to its its report in July, the company managed to generated $13.8 billion in earnings for 2019 primarily driven by its activewear and outdoor brands.
This measure by VF Corp is reflective of the international concerns about the fires as well as the actions - or inaction, of the Brazilian government under President Jair Bolsonaro to curb the fires. It also shows that the concerns are now spilling on to the business world as well.
Spanning over eight South American countries and making up about 40 per cent of the South American continent, the Amazon forest area often referred to as "the planet's lungs" because, according to estimates, almost 20 per cent of the total oxygen that is generated by Earth is produced by the trees and the rain forests of Amazon. The river Amazon also dumps an enormous amount of water into the atmosphere and works to regulate global temperatures.
But there has been a conflict between Bolsonaro and the global powers regarding the actions required to douse the fire, as more than 80,000 fires have been recorded in t region so far this year. The conflict became distinctly apparent especially during the G7 meeting in France this week.
Brazil has rejected an offer of $20 million in aid for fighting the fires in the Amazon made at the G7 summit in France. However there has been some softening of stand of the Brazilian government in recent days as it has now suggested that it could reconsider taking the amount if French President Emmanuel Macron apologized for accusing Bolsonaro of "lying" to him about climate commitments during trade negotiations.
In the latest developments an aid of $12 million from the UK government has been accepted by Brazil.  

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