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Luke Bannister,15, bags world’s first Drone Prix

Drone racing has finally come of age. If you want in on the action, the Drone Worlds’ championship is slated to take place in October, in Hawaii.

So what do you do in your weekend? Luke Bannister, a 15 year, snagged a $250,000 prize by beating 150 teams in the World’s first ever Drone Prix in Dubai. You can think of it as a Grand Prix for drones.
With drones gaining popularity, drone racing has now matured into a sport, with racers geared up with a camera-mounted navigation system that helps them steer their crafts through and around obstacles around a track. Even if you didn’t have what it takes to snag the first prize, the Drone Prix’s prize pool totaled to $1 million.
Luke Bannister beat, Dubai’s favorite team, Dronetek, which came in second, along with others teams looking to make their fortune and strike it rich in the world’s first drone racing competition.
For those who are wanting in on this may better mark their calendar for the Drone Worlds’ championship race which has a prize money of $200,000. Before you rush out to practice, do note that if you suffer from motion sickness, you better not be in the driver’s seat.

Debashish Mukherjee

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