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Larson Brings To Market The Latest Technology In Its Sleek Storm Doors

Larson Brings To Market The Latest Technology In Its Sleek Storm Doors
A new progressive storm door design that has been built with advanced technology for ensuring very smooth operational ease was announced recent by Larson Manufacturing. An effortless convenience and a smooth and consistent closing speed in such doors has been enabled by the use of the patented Click&Hold feature in the sleek and modern design which also includes a hidden closer for the first time.
There is a growing trend among consumers to shift towards more contemporary designs and this is what the company has gathered from its market intelligence. But while being traditional in design, consumers are looking out for attributes such a certain degree of sophistication to allow smooth and quite operations, strength to be able to support heavy use and give energy efficiency are the other demands that they are expecting from such doors, the company pointed out. Additionally, those customers who believe in Do-It-Yourselfers concept are also seeking products which can be installed easily and fast.
And keeping those demands of homeowners in mind, Larson has been working towards making its storm doors of the latest technology, design and performance. Both fullview and retractable screen storm doors will now have the hidden closer feature, the company said. And the new doors would be very easy to install as they now have fewer parts.
“Our new Larson storm door with the hidden closer complements our home perfectly. The design is simple, yet sophisticated,” commented June, a homeowner from Lake Albert, South Dakota. “Best of all is the added convenience. I can simply nudge the door open with my elbow when my hands are full. One more little push and the door quietly and smoothly closes behind me. It’s a far cry from reaching up to adjust a greasy washer to hold open a traditional closer.”
Till such time that users are able to hear an audible catch and release sound, users would be able to easily hold the storm door open by pushing open and this has been enabled by the innovative Click&Hold feature. dual weather stripping for a tight seal and an overlapping edge are present in the door that is made up of a maintenance-free aluminum frame. The QuickFit handle finishes sold separately for such doors are however sold separately. 
Thanks to a patented EasyHang Installation System, the hidden closer storm enables buyers to install them very easily and very fast – faster than any other, claims the company, in addition to a great performance and appealing traditional designs.
Larson Manufacturing, a 60-year-old firm is known for its expertise in making homes better with storm doors and interior and storm windows, porch window and other door and window innovations.

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