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Large Tech Companies, Including Google, Facebook, No Longer Most Preferred By Employees

Large Tech Companies, Including Google, Facebook, No Longer Most Preferred By Employees
For long, some of the largest global tech companies such as Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have been considered to be among the best organizations to work for as they offer very good payments and compensation and perks along with the host of benefits for their employees.
However the latest rankings published on Tuesday in Glassdoor’s annual rankings list shows that both the companies, along with some other Silicon Valley companies have dropped significantly in popularity among employees.
According to Glassdoor’s annual rankings, these tow companies dropped out of the Top 10 “best places to work" in the United States. The number one company that employees wanted to work for in the US was HubSpot Inc., a cloud-computing software company. Other tech firms DocuSign Inc. and Ultimate Software were ranked three and eight respectively.
Over the last 10 years, this list gad placed Facebook to be at the top of the “best place to work" in the list. However this year the largest social media company was ranked at the 23rd position. This is the lowest profile for the social media company in the list since it first made its place at the top of the list of the best rated places to work in 2011. Last year, the ranking of Facebook was seventh.
Another tech giant Google was thrown out of the top 10 list of companies in Glassdoor’s annual rankings. The Alphabet Inc owned Google was adjudged that bets place to work in 2015 and was within the top 10 in the list in the last eight years. The latest position of the company was 11th.
The ranks given to Apple Inc. which was once in the top 25 of the best places to work list, was at 84. The list did not include Apple Inc for the 12th year in a row. Amazon had never been considered to be a good place to work for and its internal work culture has been criticized. 
Microsoft Corp. was among the few tech giants to gain on the list this year as the Redmond, Washington based software company gained 13 places to come in at 21.
Employee reviews on areas such as compensation, benefits, culture and senior management is used for preparing the annual list of ranks for companies. Criticisms over a wide range of issues in relation to the working culture have plagued many of the big tech companies, including Facebook and Google. Employees of some of the companies have openly and publicly opposed executive decisions.
Employees have protested against company’s decision at Google on a number of occasions and issues which include the company’s “intimidation" tactics against worker organizers.

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