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Japanese Prosecutors Want To Arrest Ghosn’s Wife To Rein In The Former Nissan Boss

Japanese Prosecutors Want To Arrest Ghosn’s Wife To Rein In The Former Nissan Boss
An arrest warrant on charges of alleged perjury was issued against the wife of Carlos Ghosn by Japanese prosecutors on Tuesday in an effort of the prosecutors to bring back Ghosn into Japan and make him face trial for charges of financial misconduct in the country.
Last month, Ghosn, the former boss of Nissan Motor and its French partner Renault had jumped bail to escape from Japan and fled to Lebanon. Ghosn had alleged that he would not get a justice in Japan and that his arrest was a result of a coup to remove him from office which was backed by the government.
Japanese prosecutors and government staff were meticulously going through Lebanese laws to find out a way to bring back Ghosn to Japan, said a senior Japanese Ministry of Justice official, and added that the government “will do whatever it can” to make the former auto industry icon face trial.
A “red notice” arrest warrant from Interpol in respect of Ghosn had been received by prosecutors in Beirut, the country’s the justice minister has confirmed, and added that the necessary action would be taken. However the ministry has also confirmed that it has received no communication from Japanese prosecutors in relation to the arrest warrant of Ghosn’s wife who is reported to be staying at the Lebanese capital currently.
Charges of making false claims of not knowing or meeting the people who are suspected to have been connected to a company, that allegedly received payments from Nissan Motor, have been brought against Ghosn’s wife. It has been alleged that a part of that money from Nissan was later transferred to a company owned by Ghosn.
According to the office of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, the Japanese ambassador to Lebanon, Takeshi Okubo, had met the president on Tuesday to request “greater co-operation on this in order to avoid negative repercussions for our friendly relations”.
“Last time Carlos Ghosn announced a press conference and got re-arrested. This time, the day before he is announced to speak out freely for the first time, they issued an arrest warrant for his wife Carole Ghosn,” a spokeswoman for Ghosn told Reuters in Beirut. “The issuance of this warrant is pathetic.”
It is expected that Ghosn will soon speak out to the press to provide details of some of the claims that he has made about him being targeted and set up for the charges by Nissan since he was arrested.
According to Fox Business,which had conducted an interview earlier with Ghosn, the former Nissan boss had said that he has “actual evidence” and documents that will prove that there was support from the Japanese government to a coup to “take him out”. The broadcaster said that Ghosn also plans to identify those he believes responsible.
The company still held Ghosn responsible for “serious misconduct” despite his fleeing from Japan, Nissan said. “The company will continue to take appropriate legal action to hold Ghosn accountable for the harm that his misconduct has caused to Nissan,” the automaker said in a statement.

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