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Ivanka Trumps’ Firm Get Largest Trade Mark Approval In China

Ivanka Trumps’ Firm Get Largest Trade Mark Approval In China
According to multiple media reports published on Tuesday, government approval for 16 new  trademarks were granted by the Chinese authorities to the fashion brand of the daughter of the US president Donald Trump, Ivanka. The trade mark permissions included one for a voting machine. Apart from being the daughter of the US president, Ivanka is also amongst the closest advisors to the president. The media reports were based on a search of the official records of China.
Announcement of the shutting down of her fashion line was made by Ivanka in July, she had argued that the decision to shut down her business was because of the need for her to focus more on her informal role of an advisor at the White House. Officially she is entrusted to work on issues of advancing the plight of working women.
There have been severe criticisms of the role and name of Trump which is associated with almost all of the businesses – which includes his real estate and consumer goods businesses, ever since he was elected in the surprise 2016 November Presidential elections. His family have also been targeted by critics who claimed that the use of the name of Trump for his businesses – which he claimed to have been detached from Trump as an individual, were in conflict of the roles and responsibilities of a US president.
The finding and the revelation of the granting of new trade marks by the Chinese authorities to Ivanka Trump was made by the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, which is based in Washington. The organization said in a statement while making the revelations that this instance was the largest number of trade mark permissions granted to Ivanka’s company in China since her father took office as the US president.
The organization said, based on a search of records on the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce’s Trademark office, while the Chinese authorities granted trade mark permissions to cover regular products such as shoes and jewellery, the list also included a number of unusual items such as voting machines and nursing homes.
It has also been revealed that Ivanka’s company had applied for the trade marks in 2016.
According to intellectual property lawyers with experience about such laws in China, the most comprehensive protection for their brand is not always possible because of the trademark applications often being very broad.
On earlier occasions, there has been denial by the Chinese government about it engaging in anything that was untoward in granting Ivanka’s company the trademarks.
There is a bitter and acrimonious trade war ongoing between China and the United States even though leaders of both the countries have recently given indication of the thawing of relationships between them. It is expected that there would be a positive outcome on the trade war following a scheduled meeting between the US and the Chinese president later in November on the side lines of a G20 summit to be held in Argentina.

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