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Investment Of $132M In 11 Startups, Many of Them Chinese, Made By Intel This Year

Investment Of $132M In 11 Startups, Many of Them Chinese, Made By Intel This Year
Even as the global economy is being battered by the coronavirus pandemic, United States based chip maker Intel announced its latest investments in tech firms worth $132 million. The company chose 11 tech startups across the world.
The investments made by the company are such that they fit to the most strategic priorities of the company – both for the present times as well as in the future, and include startups in the field of artificial intelligence, autonomous computing and chip design.
Intel is one of the most prolific venture capital investors in the tech startup scenario of the world. The company has made investments in 1,582 companies globally and a total of 692 companies that it had invested in are either public or otherwise exiting backed by Intel.
The investments made by Intel clearly shows a number of moves that exhibit how it makes use of its venture capital strategy for expansion of its strategic relationships currently and the future opportunity to expand through mergers and acquisitions. Intel acquired Moovit, an Intel Capital portfolio company, just earlier this month, in a deal worth $900 million.  
“Intel Capital  identifies and invests in disruptive startups that are working to improve the way we work and live. Each of our recent investments is pushing the boundaries in areas such as AI, data analytics, autonomous systems and semiconductor innovation. Intel Capital is excited to work with these companies as we jointly navigate the current world challenges and as we together drive sustainable, long-term growth,” said Wendell Brooks, Intel senior vice president and president of Intel Capital, in a statement.
The investments in tech startups being made by Intel also comes at an important juncture. There are worries about a slowdown in the global economy because of the coronavirus pandemic which could slow down investments in tech companies.
For the entire current year, plans of investing between $300 million and $500 million are being touted by Intel.
While the latest investment announcement by Intel does not contain any specific investment numbers, some of them have been revealed by and announced by the startups themselves which provide more details about the sizes of the investment rounds. These still, however, do not reveal Intel’s specific financial stakes.
For example, tech startup Anodot makes use of machine learning to monitor business operations autonomously and provides its expertise to in the areas such as app performance, customer incidents, etc. The basic business idea is much faster detection and response times by the use of the platform for monitoring for these incidents. The company had announced a full $35 million round in April.
There are also a number of Chinese companies in this list that Intel invested in and are related to a field that is typically dominated by US firms. Intel has also become a paw in the US-China trade war over chip manufacturing.
EDA software that chip makers use to design their products before manufacturing them is provided by ProPlus, one the Chinese tech startups that Intel has invested in .
Other companies in the list also include Spectrum Materials, based in the southern Chinese province of Fujian, which manufactures gases that are critical for the production of physical semiconductor chips.

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