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Investigators Have Sought Information About Google From It, Says Oracle: Reuters

Investigators Have Sought Information About Google From It, Says Oracle: Reuters
United States congressional and state investigators, who are currently looking to allegations of violation of antitrust laws by Google, has sought information on the matter from Oracle Corp which has had a conflict and business disputes with the Alphabet subsidiary.
Ken Glueck, an Oracle executive based in Washington, said that the Texas attorney general’s office and the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee have sent information requests to Oracle which, according to reports, has sufficient and important knowledge about the advertising business of Google.
Reports quoting sources close the House probe have claimed similar information has been sought by the House Judiciary Committee from dozens of companies which had likely been put at a disadvantage because of business policies of tech giants.
Based on the number of companies that answer to their requests voluntarily, a final decision on whether to issue subpoenas would be taken by the committee. However reports also said that there are some companies that are of the opinion that it would be less likely that they would be facing any retaliation from the tech giants against them providing information in the probe if they are forced to do so by the House Judiciary Committee.
Glueck said that Oracle has also met with the Justice Department.
There have been no comments available from Google.
The Java copyright belonging to Oracle was allegedly violated by Google in the development of its Android operating system which is the most widely used operating system that powers most of the smartphones of the world, Oracle had alleged earlier. An appeal made to the US Supreme Court by Google against a lower court ruling reviving the lawsuit is being considered by the top court. In the law suit, $9 billion in damages had been demanded by Oracle.
There are rising concerns among a large section of competitors, lawmakers and consumer groups against large tech companies about the companies possessing and constantly gaining high levels of power which gives them the power to harm users and business rivals despite the fact that at one time, such tech companies were hailed and applauded as a source of innovation that helped in the development and enhancement of efficiency and economic growth. However for concerns stated above, such tech companies have come under fire from multiple quarters in the United States as well as in other parts of the world.
The critics of the large tech companies include Republicans in the US such as President Donald Trump who has expressed concerns about the shifting online of conservative voices and the likes of progressive politicians such as Senator Elizabeth Warren who has demanded selling of companies by Google, Facebook and Amazon which had been acquired by them due to antitrust concerns.
According to media reports published in June this year, the list of large tech companies had been divided among themselves between the Justice Department – that is to investigate Google and Apple, and the Federal Trade Commission – investigating Facebook and Inc.
And while groups of state attorneys general have formed to focus on Facebook and Google, the activities of all of the four companies are being looked into by the House Judiciary Committee in the US.

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