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India's MDH Claims That Despite Quality Claims, Its Spices Are Safe

India's MDH Claims That Despite Quality Claims, Its Spices Are Safe
The Indian spice manufacturer MDH declared that its goods are safe to eat and that it has not heard from Hong Kong or Singapore authorities regarding any claims of product contamination.
This month, sales of three MDH spice mixes and one Everest spice mix for fish curries were halted in Hong Kong. Everest spice mix was also ordered to be recalled by Singapore, who claimed that the product's high ethylene oxide content made it unsafe for ingestion and that prolonged exposure might cause cancer.
MDH released a statement on Sunday saying, "We reassure our buyers and consumers that we do not use ethylene oxide at any stage of storing, processing, or packing our spices."
On Saturday, there were allegations that the US Food and Drug Administration was compiling data about MDH and Everest products.
Among the most well-liked spices in India are MDH and Everest, which are also available in Europe, Asia, and North America.
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is examining the two firms' quality standards in the wake of the developments in Singapore and Hong Kong.
As plant inspections began, the businesses were assisting the India Spices Board, the government's regulatory body for spice exports, in determining the "root cause" of the quality problems. The board had requested information on MDH and Everest shipments from authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong.
According to MDH, neither the Spices Board nor the FSSAI in India have received any correspondence or test results from Hong Kong or Singaporean authorities.
The statement stated that this further supports the claims that MDH is the victim of unfounded, unsupported, and unsupported by any hard proof.
Everest has already declared that their spices are safe to eat.

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