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India Will Postpone Approving Laptop Imports In Response To Industry And US Opposition: Report

India Will Postpone Approving Laptop Imports In Response To Industry And US Opposition: Report
According to two government officials, India will postpone the import licence requirement for laptops and tablets after industry and the U.S. government objected to the measure, which might harm Apple, Samsung, and other companies.
The administration will evaluate whether to enact a licencing scheme or not when the plan is postponed for a year, one of the officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
The licencing scheme, which was unexpectedly introduced on August 3, sought to "ensure trusted hardware and systems" entered India, lessen reliance on imports, increase domestic production, and partially alleviate the nation's trade deficit with China.
However, the initial plan was abruptly postponed by nearly three months in response to industry complaints.
Katherine Tai, the U.S. trade representative, voiced her worries to India about the decision, which would also impact Dell and HP, last month.
According to the officials with firsthand knowledge of the deliberations, India's electronics ministry is currently recommending a more straightforward import registration process that is scheduled to begin in November.
There were no comments available on the issue from the IT ministry of India. 
According to one of the officials, the new "imports management system" will require businesses to get "registration certificates" rather than the licences that the Aug. 3 directive had originally recommended for the importation of laptops, tablets, and personal computers.
In a recent meeting, the ministry presented the plan to representatives of the industry, they continued.
In the months of April to June, India imported $19.7 billion worth of electronics, including laptops, tablets, and personal computers, an increase of 6.25% from the same time last year.

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