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In Order To Meet "Ambitious Goals," Additional Job Losses Are Required By 2024, Informs Google CEO

In Order To Meet "Ambitious Goals," Additional Job Losses Are Required By 2024, Informs Google CEO
As the business continues to redirect resources towards fields like artificial intelligence, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is alerting staff members to the possibility of additional layoffs this year.
Pichai stated, "We have ambitious goals and will be investing in our big priorities this year," in a memo titled "2024 priorities and the year ahead" that was distributed to staff members on Wednesday night. According to the memo that CNBC was able to receive, Pichai stated that the company's leadership is preparing to release its 2024 OKRs (objectives and key results) and to discuss its AI goals for the year this week.
“The reality is that to create the capacity for this investment, we have to make tough choices,” Pichai wrote. For some teams that means eliminating roles, which includes “removing layers to simplify execution and drive velocity,” he added.
The message was first reported by The Verge. Google does not have any remarks available regarding the matter.
Following multiple waves of layoffs that started in January 2023 when the firm stated it was shedding 12,000 jobs, or nearly 6% of the full-time workers, Pichai's most recent statements indicate that Google is continuing to reduce costs. Google reduced the number of computers and other equipment as well as certain benefits.
Google has eliminated several hundred workers since the year began in departments such as hardware, advertising, and central engineering.
"To be upfront, some teams will continue to make resource allocation decisions," Pichai stated in the message released on Wednesday. He stated that layoffs "will not touch every team" and won't be as extensive as the reductions made the previous year.
Google parent Alphabet's stock surged 55% last year as tech markets recovered from a disastrous 2022, partly because to enthusiasm around artificial intelligence. Alongside a recovery in the digital ad industry, revenue grew by double digits in the third quarter.
Google released Gemini, its biggest and most powerful AI model, last month. In certain experiments, the model's performance gradually outperformed OpenAI's GPT-4 model, which is the basis for ChatGPT.

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