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IBM Closes An Agreement With Saudi Arabia; Releases New Open-Source AI Models

IBM Closes An Agreement With Saudi Arabia; Releases New Open-Source AI Models
International Business Machines (IBM) said on Tuesday that it will assist Saudi Arabia in training an artificial intelligence system in Arabic and that it will make a family of AI models available as open-source software.
When it comes to monetizing AI, the Armonk, New York-based business has adopted a different strategy than some of its competitors, like Microsoft, who are closely guarding their AI models and charging for access to them. Like Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms, IBM is allowing businesses to customise its "Granite" family of AI models, but instead giving them free access to the models themselves. This was announced on Wednesday.
The Granite tools are intended to expedite the completion of computer code by software engineers. In order to monetize the models, IBM provides a paid solution called Watsonx that facilitates the seamless operation of the customised models within a data centre.
IBM's approach has been to focus on earning revenue when clients truly utilise AI models, regardless of whether they were developed by IBM or not and whether they are housed in IBM's data centres or not.
"We believe we're in the early days of generative AI models," IBM's Chief Executive Arvind Krishna said. "Competition at the end of the day is good for buyers. We also want to be safe and responsible."
Additionally, IBM announced that the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority would use Watsonx to train its "ALLaM" Arabic language model, expanding IBM's language capabilities to include multilingual comprehension of Arabic.

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