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Huawei Executive Dismisses Notion That Lack Of Superior Chips Could Impede China's AI Aspirations

Huawei Executive Dismisses Notion That Lack Of Superior Chips Could Impede China's AI Aspirations
A top official at the Chinese tech behemoth Huawei refuted on Thursday the notion that the nation's ambition to become a leader in artificial intelligence will be hampered by a lack of the most cutting-edge chips, stating that creativity is required to solve the problem.
The remarks made by Zhang Ping'an, CEO of Huawei Cloud, coincide with stiffer American regulations on the flow of cutting-edge AI chips to China, including a prohibition on sales to the country by firms like the US behemoth Nvidia.
"There is no denying that China has a restricted supply of processing power... However, Zhang stated at a discussion of the three-day World AI Conference in Shanghai that "we cannot rely solely on having the AI chips with the advanced manufacturing process nodes as the ultimate foundation for AI infrastructure." The conference began on Thursday.
"If we believe that not having the most advanced AI chips means we will be unable to lead in AI, then we need to abandon this viewpoint," Zhang stated.
As a result of its placement on the U.S. Entity List, Huawei is prohibited from acquiring cutting-edge processors from American corporations. Instead, it has created its own AI chip product, Ascend, which is currently being utilised by several Chinese businesses for AI model training.
But when it comes to processing capacity, the Ascend AI chip and many others made by Chinese businesses are regarded as being far less powerful than those made by Nvidia.
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Zhang urged creative methods that prioritise the cloud, arguing that advancements in computer architecture can help make up for the dearth of sophisticated AI processors.
In order to integrate cloud, edge, and networks in ways that may be utilised to lower energy usage and boost overall efficiency, he added, a convergent strategy is required. Zhang praised Huawei Cloud, saying it is one of the top providers of these cutting-edge technologies.

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