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Google To Invest $7 Billion In Offices And Data Centers In The US In Contrast To Trend Of Working From Home

Google To Invest $7 Billion In Offices And Data Centers In The US In Contrast To Trend Of Working From Home
Even though there is a growing trend among companies – especially among tech companies, to let their employees work from home more and reduce office space, an investment of $7 billion in offices and data centers across 19 states of the United States will be made by Google kin its new efforts to ramp up its real estate.
An investment of more than $1 billion in the company's home state of California was announced as a part of the plans of the company even while there is a trend of abandoning Silicon Valley by top tech CEOs and investors.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post Thursday that the company has set plans for opening new offices in in Houston, Texas, and Portland, Oregon, as well as expanding or improving existing offices in Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Illinois in the US. There are already more than 84,000 full-time staff in the US employed by the company.
At least 10,000 new full-time jobs in the US this year would be created by the expansion of the company in office and data centers, Pichai said and added that this would include new roles in their thousands at the new proposed offices of the company in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York.
"Coming together in person to collaborate and build community is core to Google's culture, and it will be an important part of our future," Pichai said.
This move by Google is in sharp contrast to whet is being done by other tech companies with respect to office spaces.
In December last year, the return back to office for its employees was delayed by Google till September 2021 which was three months later than its previously announced return to office date for its staff. Once the employees return back to office, the company would also experiment with a "flexible work week" and potentially allow them to work for up to experiment with a "flexible work week" once employees return, Pichai had also told his staff.
Before returning to the office, Google would encourage employees to get vaccinated, said a Google spokesperson, but added that it would not be made mandatory.  
The data centres of Google in Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, and Texas would also be expanded by it, Google said on Thursday. The company will also be opening new cloud engineering site in Durham, North Carolina, as well as the first US Google Operations Center in Southaven, Mississippi.
The last year of 2020 was one where Google had hired Black and Latinx employees in the US, both in the overall as well as in tech roles, in their highest numbers in the history of the company, Pichai also said.
But according to recent reports citing data from an internal survey of the company, there is a fall in the levels of satisfaction among the company’s employees. The reports noted that Google employees said in the survey that during 2020, they felt that there had been a significant decrease in their wellbeing in 2020.

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