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Galaxy Fold Samples Given To Reviewers Being Recalled By Samsung

Galaxy Fold Samples Given To Reviewers Being Recalled By Samsung
After a day it delayed the launch of its foldable phones, South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is reported to be calling back all samples of its Galaxy Fold that were sent to reviewers by the company to look into complaints of broken screens on the phones.
According to reports published on Tuesday quoting sources with knowledge of the matter, this was the reason that the world's biggest smartphone maker had to postpone the launch of the foldable phone in the US scheduled for April 26, and this sample recall is being seen as an embarrassment for the smartphone maker. There were however only a handful of technology journalists who had reported of the breaking of the screen as well as bulges and blinking on the following a day after using them.
While investigation about the phone defect is carried out by it, the launch of the foldable hand set has been postponed for an unspecified period of time by the South Korean tech giant. After preliminary investigations, the company reportedly said that the defects could have been cause because of impact on exposed areas of the hinges.
No further comments were provided by the South Korean conglomerate.
While the shares of the company were not affected to any significant degree due to the development, the shares of its parts suppliers dropped, with a 3.1 per cent drop in the stocks of hinge maker KH Vatec Co Ltd.
According to reports quoting sources possessing privileged and direct knowledge of the company’s supply chain, no defects were found in an internal examination of the hinges used in the Galaxy Fold by KH Vatec. There were however no comments from the supplier.
An advertisement released by Samsung in March attempted to show the resilience of the foldable handset where robots folded the Galaxy Fold handsets 200,000 times.
Foldables are the future of smartphones, Samsung's head of IT and mobile communications, DJ Koh, has repeatedly said.
Analysts said that the efforts of the company at projecting itself to be an innovative one and a first mover on technology innovation and not a fast follower were dented by the postponement even though this mishap would not have any impact on the balance sheet of the company.
According to reports, a layer of film that had been mistaken for a disposable screen protector by the reviewers was peeled off in some cases which caused the problem.
"It's disastrous that Samsung sent samples to reviewers without clear instructions on how to handle the device, and that the firm needs to fix screen flickering," said analyst Kim Young-woo at SK Securities.
"On the bright side, we have an opportunity to nail down this issue and fix it before selling the phones to a massive audience, so they won't have same complaints," said reports quoting a Samsung employee who did not want to be named.
Online outlets said on Twitter that Samsung had already emailed pre-order customers after the decision to postpone the launch.
"Your pre-order guarantees your place in the queue for this innovative technology," Samsung said in the email. "We'll update you with more specific shipping information in two weeks.

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