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Ford Plans To Have Two New Dedicated EV Platforms By 2025: Reports

Ford Plans To Have Two New Dedicated EV Platforms By 2025: Reports
United States based auto giant Ford Motor Co plans to develop two dedicated all-electric vehicle platforms of which one will be used for making full-size trucks and SUVs while the other is to be used for cars and smaller SUVs.
According to analysts and experts, this is a part of Ford’s strategy to catch up with its rivals including General Motors Co, Volkswagen AG and Tesla Inc in the race to develop, make and offer electric vehicles. 
According to reports quoting sources with knowledge of the matter, these two planned all-EV platforms form parts of a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar plan of the second largest auto maker of the United States to make itself a major player in the global electric vehicle market.
The development of the two dedicated platforms will give Ford access to common architectures which includes opportunities for shared chassis components, electric motors and battery packs for all EVs – which can form the vase for many of the future electric vehicles of the company. This will allow the company to simplify as well as reduce costs of a wide range of elements of EV manufacturing - from logistics to manufacturing, as the company transforms its global product line comprising mostly of fossil-fueled vehicles.
The company is also expected to inform its shareholders of its long term strategy and plans for its long-range batteries, including a recently announced battery joint venture with Korea's SK Innovation, later this week.  The company is expected to detail its broader goals for electric, commercial and self-driving vehicles, said reports.
The US automaker had previously announced its plans of expending of $22 billion through 2025 for electrification of many of its vehicles and models in the $22 billion through 2025. According to reports quoting sources of the company, Ford has finalised plans for launching at least nine all-electric cars and car-based SUVs as well as at least three electric trucks, vans and larger SUVs in the middle of this decade and will include the second generation editions of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E.
However what the company is apparently unsure of is whether and how many of the customers will adopt the company’s newer battery powered vehicles even if such vehicles were able to achieve the same or better price, performance and operating costs of the current fossil fuel vehicles offered by the company. That is a concern that is common for almost nearly all auto makers except Tesla, which offers an all electric lineup of cars.
In the race to develop and offer electric vehicles, the rivals of Ford have surged ahead and companies like GM and VW have announced billions of dollars for electrification of their line of vehicles in the same markets as Ford. The rivals of Ford have also set more ambitious time scales for achieving them. There will be at least two dedicated EV platforms for both VW and GM which will be used for manufacturing many of the future electric vehicles of the companies.

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