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Five Instances When Facebook Infringed Instagram’s Autonomy

Five Instances When Facebook Infringed Instagram’s Autonomy
The abrupt departure of the co-founders of Instagram - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, created a lot questions among experts and experts as none provided any particular reason for their exit form the company that they had founded in 2010.
But if media reports quoting are to be believed, they were peeved by the way Facebook constantly intervened in the functioning of the picture based social media platform. There are suggestions that the autonomy of the photo-sharing platform was apparently being eroded. That is the reason that many think to be behind the sudden exit of Systrom and Krieger even as they had successfully functioned under the shadow of their parent company for six years with the intention of benefiting both the platforms.
Some of the instances which might have pushed the duo to take the ultimate decision according to many are as follows:
Cross-posting of Instagram stories to Facebook was encouraged by Facebook
Facebook’s in-house attempt at promoting signature stories on its platform was a failure unlike that of Instagram, that had taken the idea from Snapchat’s signature stories concept. That attempt by Facebook saw some traction only after Instagram added a setting that allowed automatic cross-post stories on to Facebook’s platform even as they were being uploaded to Instagram. However, Facebook’s  signature stories application is still far away f\in popularity compared to that of Instagram.
Instagram Polluted itself with a hamburger menu containing a Facebook link
Initially, Instagram’s Mike Krieger was not very keen on putting up a hamburger menu on its platform because it wanted the platform to stay focused and avoid overloading users with a multitude of features. A hamburger menu is an icon with three horizontal lines which one can find in thousands of apps.
However, the photo sharing social media platform added such a hamburger menu later on. The while the menu had only three options for users to choose from to go to, it very significantly had one which said “Open Facebook.” Many experts consider that to be a blatant act by Facebook to promote itself on Instagram. 
Instagram was infiltrated by Facebook as a “small test”
This happened in June this year when Instagram users started getting notifications about their friends up loading pictures. While that appears to be quite normal, the only catch was that those notifications were related to pictures that were being uploaded to Facebook — on Instagram. This was an irritation or many users.
This was however dismissed by Instagram as a test and that just a handful of its users were affected by it.
Photos posted from Instagram are no longer attributed by Facebook; Facebook cut down on promotion of Instagram
While every attempt was made by Instagram to promote its parent company, the same cannot be said about Facebook. A report from Recode also alleged that the Facebook team was ordered to reduced Instagram promotion and exposure on the platform by Zuckerberg at one point.
One example of that is the non-existence of any label or attribution that mentions where they came from when a user cross-posts photos to one’s Facebook feed from Instagram. Instead such pictures appear to be just like any other picture uploaded on Facebook directly. Systrom had also been reportedly frustrated after Facebook stopped this courtesy – a practice that had been ongoing for years.
Facebook executives were put in key positions in Instagram
There were reports recently that Instagram was no longer independent form the influence of Facebook.
Veteran executives from the parent company were put into key positions in Instagram last year which essentially strengthened the grip of Zuckerberg and Facebook on the photo sharing app. One of them was Adam Mosseri who earlier was Facebook’s VP of product management for News Feed and is now the boss of product at Instagram.  The other was Anna Richardson White, who served as a leader on Facebook’s communications team and is now the director of Instagram brand communications. Both are expected to be crucial in running Instagram after the exit of its co-founders.

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