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Fired OpenAI CEO Altman Talks About A Potential Comeback And Considers Starting A New AI Venture: Reports

Fired OpenAI CEO Altman Talks About A Potential Comeback And Considers Starting A New AI Venture: Reports
Sam Altman, the recently fired CEO of OpenAI, is thinking about starting a new artificial intelligence (AI) business while also talking about perhaps rejoining the company that created the ChatGPT bot, according to reports quoting source information.
According to the reports, Altman was discussing how to improve the governance structure of OpenAI with executives the day after the board abruptly fired him, shocking the tech community. He was also discussing with some of the company's core researchers and other supporters how they could launch a new AI company.
The source, who wished to remain anonymous because they were not authorised to comment on behalf of the parties concerned, stated that there is uncertainty surrounding the likelihood of Altman, who is widely seen as the face of generative AI, making a comeback or starting over.
There were no comments in the reports on the issue from OpenAI and Altman.
Fearing a mass departure of talent in his absence, OpenAI investors, led by Microsoft, its largest sponsor, are reportedly talking about damage management, including possibly pressuring the board to reinstate Altman as CEO, according to other sources.
Early OpenAI investor Kholsa Ventures wants Altman back at the company but "will back him in whatever he does next," according to a Saturday post on X by the fund's founder, Vinod Khosla.
There were no comments available from Microsoft. It purports to hold 49% of the business, with the remaining 49% being held by other investors and staff, and the nonprofit parent of OpenAI owning the remaining 2%.
On Saturday, feelings were running hot as both current and former workers expressed their outrage over Altman's dismissal and concerns about how the abrupt management change could impact an impending $86 billion share sale.
On November 30 of last year, ChatGPT was released by OpenAI, a charity that billionaire Elon Musk co-founded. This technology caused a global stir and immediately became the fastest-growing software programme in the world. It sparked a rush of announcements and investments from several sectors to use AI to improve everything from media and entertainment to financial services and healthcare.
Generative AI, which has been trained on reams of data, can produce content that is human-like, assisting users in writing term papers, finishing science assignments, and even whole novels. Following ChatGPT's debut, authorities hurried to catch up: the United States began regulating AI, while the European Union updated its AI Act.
According to a source, on Saturday, a few shell-shocked workers were thinking about resigning if Altman was not back by the end of the weekend. A third individual with knowledge of the situation stated that other people offered support for Altman's decision to start a business.
Greg Brockman, the former president of OpenAI, is anticipated to participate in any endeavour, as stated by the Information, which first revealed the potential new business, said the reports citing an individual acquainted with the
There were no comments from Brockman
Szymon Sidor and other OpenAI researchers left the business due to the CEO transition, although it was unclear if Sidor and the others would join a new Altman endeavour, according to two persons with knowledge of the situation. Sidor acknowledged resigning.
According to a September story by the Information, Altman and Apple's former design leader Jony Ive have been talking about developing a new AI hardware product. Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, was reportedly present throughout the discussion.
In an internal business memo that was seen by the media on Saturday, Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap stated that Altman's dismissal was due to a "breakdown of communications" rather than "malfeasance."
The OpenAI board's talks with Altman to take over as CEO were previously revealed by technologuy website The Verge. On Saturday, Forbes revealed that investors were preparing to reinstate Altman as CEO.

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