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FedEx To Augment Its Fleet With 1000 Electric Vans

FedEx To Augment Its Fleet With 1000 Electric Vans
An addition of a 1000 new electric vehicles would be made in the huge fleet of FedEX in its strategy to accelerate its strategy of complete electrification of its fleet. The vehicles would be delivered by electric vehicle maker Chanje, announced the company on Tuesday.
The global courier firm has set a partnership with Ryder to receive their vehicles earlier this year. A large fleet of 500 all electric vans were also ordered by Ryder to build up a fleet comprised totally of electric vehicles.
But with FedEx deciding to purchase electric vans, it looks likely that Ryder would have to further expand its fleet because FedEx would purchase 100 out of the 1,000 V8100 electric delivery vehicles directly from the company while the cop[any would lease the rest 900 from Ryder. 
According to the announcement from FedEx, the new fleet of 1000 electric vehicles would be used as a part of its FedEx Express fleet “for commercial and residential pick-up and delivery services in the United States.”
“FedEx continually seeks new ways to maximise operational efficiency, minimise impacts and find innovative solutions through the company’s Reduce, Replace, Revolutionise approach to sustainability. Our investment in these vehicles is part of our commitment to that approach of serving our customers and connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully,” said Mitch Jackson, FedEx Chief Sustainability Officer, while making the announcement.
The electric vehicles, which are the medium-duty panel van, which would be delivered by FedEx have a range of 65 miles with a full 6,000-lb payload and up to 100 miles of range with a 3,000-lb payload, as was announced by the company earlier at the time the electric vehicle maker had first launched the launch of the vehicles.
And since then, the company has claimed that it has increased the range of the vehicles to “150 miles” and the cargo space of the van to 675 cu.ft. from the erstwhile space of 580 cu.ft at the time of the announcement.
Chanje has so far not released any information about the pricing of the vans because the focus of the company on prediction and selling of commercial fleets. The company manufactures the vans in Hangzhou, China but the company is also already working on the creation of an assembly plant in the US.
Earlier in the year, FedEx had ordered Semi electric trucks from Tesla in March last year with the aim of replacing the diesel trucks in their ‘FedEx Freight’ fleet.
“FedEx has a long history of innovation and incorporating sustainability efforts throughout its global network. Our investment in these trucks is part of our commitment to improving road safety while also reducing our environmental impact,” Mike Ducker, CEO and President of FedEx Freight, had said back then while making the announcement.

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