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Facebook's Zuckerberg Will Focus On Long Term Goals Instead Of Annual Ones

Facebook's Zuckerberg Will Focus On Long Term Goals Instead Of Annual Ones
No more annual targets for Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg. The co-founder of the largest social media company of the world said on Thursday that he would no longer focus on the annual challenges that he had set for himself and instead would divert all his attention to formulating and achieving long terms with a typical time period of a decade or more.
Elaborating his plans and long term ambitions, Zuckerberg said that he would be dedicating himself to the development of a new private social platform as well as work on decentralized technology and generational issues. He also plans to make plans on utilizing new forms of digital governance among other targets that he has set for himself to achieve in about a decade.
According to him, such long term goals would mean that he would have to now focus more on his role as the CEO in general and that of Facebook in particular which would entail going deep into the issues and problems that the largest social media platform by user numbers was facing. All these would however come at the expense of Zuckerberg having to ditch his personal annual targets such as learning Mandarin and reading two books a month.
“Rather than having year-to-year challenges, I’ve tried to think about what I hope the world and my life will look in 2030 so I can make sure I’m focusing on those things,” he said.
Fascebook, the company that Zuckerberg co-founded and which he still heads, has in recent year has come under severe scrutiny and criticism of not doing enough and not being pro-active to adequately police content and protect privacy of the users of the platform. This has prompted him to say that he expects that within the next decade, clearer rules for the internet would be developed by various governments that have been critical of the role of Facebook in preventing questionable content on the platform.
“Platforms like Facebook have to make tradeoffs on social values we all hold dear - like between free expression and safety, or between privacy and law enforcement, or between creating open systems and locking down data and access,” he said.
“I don’t think private companies should be making so many important decisions that touch on fundamental democratic values,” he added.
One of the targets that Zuckerberg has set for himself to achieve over the next decade is to fund, create and develop a platform for the younger entrepreneurs and scientists which can be used for curing, preventing and managing diseases.
Zuckerberg pointed out that the internet has made people crave for more intimacy even though it has presented a great opportunity for people to connect with each other all across the world.
“For the next decade, some of the most important social infrastructure will help us reconstruct all kinds of smaller communities to give us that sense of intimacy again,” he said.

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