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Facebook Data Scandal As Social Media Management To Meet German Justice Minister

Facebook Data Scandal As Social Media Management To Meet German Justice Minister
The German government said that stricter regulations would be faced by the U.S. social media giant Facebook, announced the German Justice Minister Katarina Barley following a meeting with the representative of the largest social media company in the world.
Barley said that Facebook has pledged to taking all possible steps to prevent protection of users’ data after it acknowledged that some mistakes were done by it in terms of users' data.
"But the promise is not enough to us," Barley stressed. "We must regulate companies like Facebook in future much more strictly."
According to local media reports, further meetings would be held with senior executives of Facebook and Barley soon for more deliberations about the role and responsibilities of the social media company in relation to the raging debate and scandal about misuse of data and what plans the company had made about take care of data privacy.
Private data of more than 50 million users of Facebook primarily from the alleged to have been wrongfully used by a UK-based data company Cambridge Analytica as a consultant to the then presidential candidate Donald Trump during his election campaign. It is alleged that the U.K. company had got hold of the data from a professor who had collected the data as a part of an academic pursuit according to the privacy rules of Facebook. Now the German government wants to whether any personal data of German users of Facebook was misused in that scandal. The government is also demanding a "comprehensive investigation" in the issue.
It has also been alleged that Cambridge Analytica also made use of Facebook users’ personal data during the Brexit voting for the leave campaign. 
A possible outcome of judicial investigations into Facebook’s business processes could by the social media company providing a complete transparent demonstration of the algorithms that re used by it, said Barley during an interview to the public broadcaster ZDF on Sunday night.
The social network was described as a "threat to democracy and the rule of law" was described by Barley. The ultimate decision on the way the regulation of tech companies would be done in the European Union was the complete prerogative of the bloc as it was its responsibility and right of doing so, she further emphasized.
The German ministry of justice is scheduled to meet Facebook's European chief lobbyist Richard Allen among others.
The UK based company Cambridge Analytica has been blamed by Facebook for a “breach of Trust” and all allegations of wrongdoing have been rejected by Facebook.
In fresh allegations, it has been claimed in media reports that an application designed by the Russian academic Aleksandr Kogan was put to use by Cambridge Analytica for gaining illegal access to data users of about 50 million Facebook members. The data was put use for swaying voters’ sentiments in favor of U.S. President Donald Trump through the process of targeted campaign adds.

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