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Enovacom To Be Acquired By Orange Business Services, To Solidify Its Position In e-Health

Enovacom To Be Acquired By Orange Business Services, To Solidify Its Position In e-Health
A leading player in e-health – Enovacom, has been agreed to be acquired by Orange Business Services on behalf of its healthcare sister concern - Orange Healthcare.
Orange health care has set a strategy to become the primary partner in the digital transformation of healthcare institutions and players in France and outside and this acquisition is being viewed to be an important milestone in achieving that aim.
Set up in Marseille in 2002, Enovacom is completely engaged in e-health and is a French software publisher. A software suite that enables smoother and fast exchange and sharing and security of data within the stakeholders of a healthcare system has been designed by Enovacom and the company has strong presence in the field of interoperability.
There are more than healthcare institutions in France and abroad that make use of the solutions of the company. Particularly, the online and electronic transfer of data between hospitals and their multiple partners is managed and secured by Enovacom’s software
The takeover would turnout to be an important measure in the growth of Orange Healthcare. The company intends to create new and innovative solutions which would allow firms and institutions in the healthcare sector to communicate between themselves and remain in touch with patients as long as the treatment runs, in addition to offering solutions related to infrastructure and certified healthcare data hosting.
For the healthcare industry, a major issue is the digitalisation and streamlining of the services and this demand prompted Orange Business Services to go for the acquisition of Enovacom. All players on the market can be accessed because of the neutral position of the later.
“Incorporating the skills of a healthcare publisher like Enovacom enables us to move up the value chain to offer more comprehensive e-heath solutions to our customers and in particular to hospitals. By acquiring such an innovative and effective player, we are strengthening our growth strategy in the healthcare market, especially under the Territorial Hospital Groups (Groupements Hospitaliers de Territoire) reform, which has made communication between hospitals and equipment interoperability a major issue,” says Thierry Bonhomme, Deputy CEO of the Orange Group, in charge of Orange Business Services.
“By joining forces with Orange Healthcare, Enovacom's customers will benefit from the Orange Group’s wide-ranging skills and capacity to innovate in cloud computing, communication infrastructure, security, connected objects and customer experience. I am overjoyed that through this deal, Enovacom will continue to grow with respect for and in the interest of its employees,” commented Laurent Frigara and Renaud Luparia, Chief Executives of Enovacom.
Enovacom will be operationally linked to Orange Healthcare following the closure of negotiations and after the green signal from relevant authorities.

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