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Elon Musk Informs Neuralink's First Human Patient Was Able To Manipulate A Mouse With Thoughts

Elon Musk Informs Neuralink's First Human Patient Was Able To Manipulate A Mouse With Thoughts
Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, announced late on Monday that the first patient to get a brain chip from the business looks to be fully healed and capable of using their thoughts to move a computer mouse.
"The patient is making good progress and appears to have fully recovered, with no side effects that we are aware of." The patient can simply imagine to move the mouse around the screen" Musk stated at a Spaces event on the social media platform X.
According to Musk, Neuralink is currently attempting to elicit from the patient as many mouse button clicks as feasible.
There were no comments available from Neuralink on the issue.
After being granted permission to begin recruiting participants for a human trial in September, the company successfully implanted a chip in its first human patient last month.
According to Neuralink, the project use a robot to surgically implant a brain-computer interface device in a part of the brain that regulates movement intention. The ultimate objective, according to Neuralink, is to allow users to manipulate a computer cursor or keyboard with their thoughts.
Musk has high hopes for Neuralink, claiming that it will enable quick surgical placements of its chip devices to cure diseases including schizophrenia, obesity, depression, and autism.
Neuralink, which was estimated to be worth $5 billion in the previous year, has frequently been the target of criticism for its safety procedures. According to a There were reports from last month that the company was penalised for breaking hazardous material transportation regulations set forth by the US Department of Transportation.

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