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DoD reports the deployment of military drones in the United States

As per the report there has been 20 such instances.

The Pentagon has deployed military drones in the United States. Before you start your journey on the road of a conspiracy theory, be assured that the situation isn’t as bad as you think.
As per a recently published report by the DoD, between 2006-2015, the Pentagon had deployed spy-drones in the United States for non-military missions. The DoD has clarified that there were only 20 such missions and all of them have followed laws which restrict the use of such drones on U.S. soil. However, the DoD report does not clarify the nature of those 20 flights. As per the current policy, spying on U.S. residents is forbidden.
The report however provides a few samples of requests that were dropped or denied. In one particular instance, a unit of the Air Force gave up its request for fire season training because of an "onerous approval process."
In another, marines denied a mayor’s request to use a drone for spotting potholes, since it didn’t "make operational sense," said inspectors.
Although one distinctly gets the sense, from the report, that officials have followed every aspect of law with regard to using military drones at home, however, do note that rules for the usage of military drones for civil purposes are somewhat ambiguous and there aren’t any standard procedure for them.
For example, never has any Defense Secretary ever delegated anyone to vet these missions. If they weren’t vetted by him personally, there’s a problem.

If the military is serious about diminishing the usage of military drones in U.S skies/soil, it will have to tighten procedures that eliminates any possible occurrence of such acts.

Debashish Mukherjee

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