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Death Toll Of Coronavirus Increase To 26, More Than 900 Confirmed Cases Globally

Death Toll Of Coronavirus Increase To 26, More Than 900 Confirmed Cases Globally
At least 26 people have now been killed by the fatal flu-like coronavirus disease which is also spreading fast throughout Asia. According to new reports, more than 900 people have been taken sick by it worldwide and reports of cases have been coming in from the United States and Europe.
Local authorities of several major cities in Mainland China have quarantined the cities because most of the cases of the virus infection and death have been reported from this region. Celebrations for the Lunar New Year’s events in Beijing and elsewhere have also been cancelled. Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and the United States have reported multiple cases of the virus infection among humans. Only one confirmed case was however available from Taiwan.
The first cases of the virus infection in Europe was confirmed by France on Friday afternoon where two people were confirmed to have been affected.
A second patient in the country was diagnosed with the disease by health officials in the US. The first case was reported from Chicago where a woman was detected with the disease after her return from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. This was announced by the officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US on Friday. They said that there are 63 “patients under investigation: in the US that are currently being monitored.
At least 10 Chinese cities were affected after a travel restriction was imposed by Chinese authorities that included Wuhan form where the first case was confirmed on December 31. Refund of domestic flights and train tickets nationwide was announced by China on Thursday.
Calls for donations of essential items, including face masks, eye protectors, protective uniforms and sanitizer are being made by hospitals in China while medical teams have been dispatched throughout the country. 1 billion yuan, or $145 million, has been allocated by the government to support the Hubei province in its fight to contain the outbreak, China’s Finance Ministry said.,
The travel warning for China was increased to a level 3 on Thursday by the CDS in the United States. The agency said: “Avoid Nonessential Travel” according to the Level 3 advisory. Since last weekend, all of the major airports of the country have been subjected to screening of passengers flying from China. The country’s first case, a man in Washington state, was confirmed on Tuesday by US health officials. The CDC said on Friday that the agency is presently closely monitoring the health of 63 potential people possibly affected by the disease.
For a second day on Thursday, the World Health Organization refused to designate the new virus as a global health emergency. It had postponed the decision a day before. Reports claimed that the disease is being attempted to be controlled and contained by health officials without causing unnecessary panic in world trade. Before declaring a global emergency, more data was needed, WHO physicians have said. However they also conceded that the virus is now spreading through close human contact and in health-care settings.

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