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Customers Of Xiaomi's EVs Must Wait Months For Deliveries, Indicating Strong Demand

Customers Of Xiaomi's EVs Must Wait Months For Deliveries, Indicating Strong Demand
Due to high demand for its first-ever automobile, Xiaomi, a Chinese company, is warning prospective customers that they may have to wait four to seven months to get their SU7 electric sedan.
Pre-orders for the manufacturer of cellphones and other consumer gadgets exceeded 88,898 in the first day after the company opened for business on Thursday.
The regular SU7 model, which costs 215,900 yuan ($29,870), may take 18 to 21 weeks to arrive, based on Reuters' inspections of Xiaomi's auto app.
The most costly model, which costs 299,900 yuan, could take 27–30 weeks to arrive, while the SU7 Pro model could arrive in 18–21 weeks.
The SU7 has been introduced in the midst of a fierce pricing war in the largest auto market in the world, where over 40 companies compete for the attention of consumers. Its design has garnered similarities to Porsche's Taycan and Panamera sports car models.
On Monday, Xpeng announced a temporary subsidy of up to 20,000 yuan on its flagship electric SUV G9, while Huawei-backed Aito provided discounts of up to 20,000 yuan on its new M7 SUVs through the end of April.
Furthermore, Chery declared that it would provide cash discounts, trade-in incentives, and tax exemptions on a number of its best-selling gasoline-powered cars.
Analysts have pointed out that although the market is difficult for newcomers, Xiaomi has more resources than many other EV startups and an advantage in smart dashboards—a feature that is highly valued by Chinese consumers—due to its experience with smartphones.
Xiaomi also unveiled two limited-edition "Founder's Edition" models of the automobile, which have refrigerators as free gifts, as part of the effort to start sales. The initial 5,000 vehicles were sold out right away.
The number of Founder's Editions up for grabs was not immediately apparent, but sales have opened for a second round.

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