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Criminal Complaint Against Apple Over iPhone Slowdown Filed By South Korea Consumer Group

Criminal Complaint Against Apple Over iPhone Slowdown Filed By South Korea Consumer Group
Following court cases in to the alleged issue against Apple Inc. of intentional slowing down of iPhone after downloading of a software in Europe, the company is facing a criminal complaint in South Korea.
This time the Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook is the target of the criminal contempt filed by a consumer group from the country.
The allegations against Apple in United States and elsewhere in the lawsuits is that the company did not take permission of the consumers before intentionally slowing down the performance of older iPhones. The allegations further state that this is a strategy by the company to induce users of older iPhones to purchase the new models.
While accepting the charge of slowdown of older iPhones, Apple has clarified that this was done to protect the parts of older iPhones from aging batteries and there was no other intention of the company behind issuing the software updates. 
Destruction of property and fraud are the allegations that have bene brought against the Apple CEO on Thursday by the South Korean advocacy group - Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty.
“For the sake of its loyal fans, Apple has to take responsibility over the slowing iPhones,” Park Soon-jang, an official at the advocacy group told the media. on Friday.
Filed earlier this month, about 120 plaintiffs were also represented by the group in a a civil damage suit against Apple.
There were no comments about the possibility of the launch of an investigation in to the criminal allegations made by the consumer group from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.
There were also no comments from Apple Korea, the U.S. tech firm’s South Korean subsidiary.
California-based Apple had expressed its apologies while clarifying in December that a software update for older iPhones that had battery problems was issued with the intention of protecting the iPhones by functioning slower. The had company also mentioned that attempts like shortening of the life of any of its product would never be intentionally done by it.
Apple CEO Cook told ABC News on Wednesday that the company would soon launch another software update for which would give the chance to users of older iPhones to turn off a feature which has been alleged to slow down such devices when such phones have low battery charge.
In another development, a probe has been opened against Apple and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd by Italy’s antitrust body over allegations that the two companies intentionally slowed down their smartphones so that clients are induced to opt to buy new handsets.
A preliminary probe against the alleged deception and planned obsolescence of its products has also been launched by a French prosecutor.

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