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China Claims It Never Employs The WTO-Banned EV Subsidies

China Claims It Never Employs The WTO-Banned EV Subsidies
China never uses the World Trade Organization-prohibited subsidies for electric vehicles, according to a spokesman for the country's foreign ministry on Thursday.
Many fear that the surge of low-cost electric cars (EVs) coming from Chinese businesses could hurt large U.S. automakers, some of whom have recently concentrated on large gasoline-powered sports utility vehicles.
The spokeswoman, Mao Ning, stated at a routine news conference that "China's new energy products, including electric vehicles, are widely popular in the international market."
"They are the result of the combined effects of comparative advantages and market laws."
The statements were made in response to a question on US President Joe Biden's remarks, which were supported by other administration officials, indicating that China offers incentives to flood the US market with electric automobiles.
Mao stated, "There are no prohibited subsidies stipulated by the WTO." Subsidies, he added, cannot compensate for industrial competitiveness.
Mao said that businesses' efforts, not government handouts, were what led to the development of new energy products. "Just 13,000 electric automobiles were shipped from China to the US last year. How are they able to overtake the American market?"
Biden has promised to increase tariffs on many Chinese industries, including EV import taxes that would be quadrupled to more than 100% and semiconductor duties that will be doubled to 50%.

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