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Chilean Avocado Exports Gaining Fast Popularity In China

Chilean Avocado Exports Gaining Fast Popularity In China
The Chinese consumers have apparently developed a taste for the finer nutritional produce which has been a boon for Chilean avocado growers who are now exceedingly participating the Chinese market.
"We've had very good results," Francisco Contardo, general manager of Chile's Hass Palta Committee, an organization of avocado growers, told the media recently.
Export of Chilean avocado has started just three years ago and since then the volume of exports has increased significantly, said the committee. 14,860 tons of avocados were sold to China in the latest avocado season that runs from July to April. That number was much more than the 3,970 tons that was consumed in the 2015-16 season.
Avocados are easily grown in Chile because of the climate and soil in the central and northern valleys of the country. Avocado is known as palta in Chile and a number of countries including China have developed the state for this nutritional fruit in recent years.
But for Chinese consumers, avocados are relatively new. But that notwithstanding, significant promotions have been conducted in the Chinese market by Chile's avocado growers.
And for the third years in a row, a promotional campaign of Chilean avocados would be conducted in China by the Hass Palta Committee.
"Chile has done a tremendous job in terms of education," said Contardo. The promotions are being jointly conducted by the committee and Chile's national export promotion agency ProChile.
Andreas Pierotic, commercial adviser at Chile's embassy in Beijing, said last year that Chile has been catapulted to become one of the largest suppliers of avocado in the Chinese market as the sales of Chilean avocados have risen significantly in the country.
The promotional campaigns held by the Chilean growers include educating Chinese consumers through demonstrations of the multiple ways that an avocado can be used as an ingredient and to judge when the fruit is ripe enough to be consumed.
"There's still a lot to learn about ... how to eat it, and what color and condition the avocado should have when you're going to eat it," he said.
A pear-shaped fruit, or berry on the tree is the first stage of the fruit which originally belongs to south-central Mexico. The outside of skin of the fruit is rough but thin and is of dark-green rind. The main part of the fruit that is to be consumer lies inside which is bright-green to bright-yellow flesh in colour and surrounds a large round stone.
The according to the Agriculture Minister of Chile, Antonio Walker, the ability of the country’s agri-products to enter the markets in Southeast Asia, China and India – which are amongst the largest in the world, is critical for the agricultural sector of the country.
"We have a tremendous opportunity in Asia and we already have a tradition, a history," Walker said in an interview.
"More than 25 years ago, we created the Chilean farm in China, which generated a certain prestige and trust between the two countries, which not every Latin American country has," Walker said.

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