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Carlos Ghosn To Fight The 'Meritless' Charges Against Him, Granted Bail

Carlos Ghosn To Fight The 'Meritless' Charges Against Him, Granted Bail
After having been released from detention on a bail bond of $9 million, the ousted Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn is reportedly now making fresh preparations to create a strong defence for himself against the charges of financial misconduct brought against him in Japan.
In television footage of Ghosn comming out of jail, the former executive was seen wearing a workman's uniform, face mask, blue cap and glasses as he emerged from the Tokyo Detention House.  
It had been more than 100 days that the former titan of the global auto industry had spent in a small, unheated room during his detention period since he was arrested on November 19. The charges brought against him were marked as being "meritless" by Ghosn.
A last-ditch appeal by prosecutors to of keeping Ghosn in jail was turned down by the Tokyo District Court which confirmed that Ghosn had paid the 1 billion yen (£6.85 million) bail amount which is amongst the highest ever in Japan,.
Apart from the bail amount, this former chairman of Renault and Mitsubishi Motors also gave assurance to the court that he would stay back in Tokyo, surrender his passport to his lawyer and would be available for extensive surveillance.
As a part of the surveillance plan, security cameras would be installed at the entrances and exits to Ghosn’s residence and he would also not be able to send or receive text messages and use the internet. The former Nissan chairman also has been prevented from getting into touch with any of the parties related to his case. Ghosn can however access computers only at the office of his lawyer.
The charges brought against him include aggravated breach of trust and under-reporting the compensation he received form Nissan by about $82 million at during a time period of almost a decade. Prosecutors have said that he could be imprisoned for up to 15 years of he is found guilty of the charges brought against him.
"I am innocent and totally committed to vigorously defending myself in a fair trial against these meritless and unsubstantiated accusations," he said in a statement on Tuesday.
The bail would allow Ghosh – who is not only credited with staging a turnaround of the Japanese car auto maker Nissan as well as forging a close alliance with the French car maker Renault and another Japanese auto firm Mitsubishi – the opportunity to meet up with his newly formed legal team in a more frequent basis.
Ghosh last month hired a fresh set of lawyers which is headed by Junichiro Hironaka – also known as "the Razor" because of the rate of success he has at winning cases wiht a number of well documented and well known high-profile cases. Hironaka replaced Motonari Otsuru.
The change in lawyers’ team showed that Ghosn had taken a more aggressive stance in the manner in which he wanted to defend himself in the case. The charges brought against Ghosn should have been treated as an internal matter of the company, Hironaka has already said, and that international norms were not being followed in Japan considering the duration that his client was kept in detention.

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