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Building Global Battery Production Network Aim Of German Car Maker Daimler

Building Global Battery Production Network Aim Of German Car Maker Daimler
Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its battery production with an eye on the future.  In this effort the company is set to create two more battery production factories in Germany. The two cites that have been selected are locations in Singelfingen and Untertürkheim where the newest facilities would be created to be a part of the global battery production network of the company.
The planned and announced battery production unit in Untertürkheim will get additional battery factory in the Hedelfingen area in addition to its own production facility. Production at the location in Sindelfingen is expected to take some more years.
The company has said that its production capacity would be increased four folds by these additions. According to Markus Schöfer, member of the Mercedes board, the latest technology and assembly lines would be available with the company after the completion of these two projects. The company has announced investments of over 1 billion euro for the two global battery production capacities.
The cornerstone for the development of the unit in Sindelfingen was laid by the company in February of this year. The company said that the new assembly hall which had\s been christened Factory 56, would be the most “modern facility in the world”. The company has set a target of 2020 for the production of its first elective vehicles in the upper and luxury classes of cars as well as engage itself in the development of deriverless cars. That plan includes the development and production of its newest S-Class generation and the the planned EQ vehicles.
After the factory comes up at Untertürkheim, it would be the second such asset owned by the company. it would also be situated close to the Kamenz battery production location of Mercedes’ parent company Daimler.
There is already one battery factory that is owned by Daimler and the parent company plans to develop five more facilities in various locations on three continents. It has been since 2012 that battery packs are being produced at the Kamenz factory. Currently the company is in the process of building a second factory nearby.
A factory is also planned to come up in Beijing with partnership with the Chinese partner BAIC. At eth same time, upgradation of its existing facilities in Tuscaloosa, USA and Bangkok, Thailand is being planned by the firm.
The parent company Daimler is speeding up its electric initiative and thereby establish a global network of battery production in new locations in Europe, Asia and North America. The company said that the two factories would be flexible enough to handle production and handle market demand of analogous batteries to vehicle batteries
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