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Boeing Negates New Concerns About Its 737 Max Planes

Boeing Negates New Concerns About Its 737 Max Planes
It's been described as "the most scrutinised transport aircraft in history" however, many critics think the Boeing 737 Max is still not completely safe.
It was allowed to fly passengers once more by US regulators in the year 2000 after it was grounded due to two tragic accident.
Since then,, numerous possible serious issues were reported on 737 Max flights.
Boeing insists that the plane is safe and reliable.
On the 14th of October the 14th of October, on the 14th of October, a 737 Max took off from Boeing Field airport in Seattle heading to Brussels. This was an delivery flight which took the brand new plane to begin work for its owner the travel company Tui.

After a 5 miles of flight the pilots alerted them to a "flight control problem" and needed to change course. The plane landed safely afterward.
The problem, which was related to the autopilot, was fixed fairly quickly. The plane left towards Brussels the next day and has flown frequently since then.
But, it was an incident that was isolated.
If the US repair station or carrier finds a major failure or defect on an aircraft, they have to notify the US regulator that is that is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by way of a "service difficulty report".
There have been over 180 of these reports in the time since 737 Max returned to service.
The majority of faults were discovered in planes at ground level. On 22 occasions, they occurred during flight and on four of them, the pilots declared emergencies.
US pilots declared emergency in two more instances due to engine malfunctions. These incidents don't currently appear on the FAA's database but have been published via the Aviation Herald website, which includes incidents and accidents that occur in commercial aviation.
The issues occurred in the US fleet that's quite small, with less than 160 aircraft in service in mid-October. Some of that were grounded for several weeks in the beginning of the year, following finding electrical problems.
Service difficulties are released through Transportation Canada. Canadian authority, Transport Canada. The database of Transport Canada shows that Canadian fleet comprised of 56 737 Max aircraft has generated 19 reports, with five of which relate to incidents in the air.
The 737 Max remains under intense scrutinization. The plane was suspended for 20 months starting in March 2019 after being the subject of two serious accidents where 346 people perished.
The flight control software on the aircraft was changed to eliminate the serious flaw that was implicated in both crashes. Additionally, physical changes were made to the plane.
It is crucial to emphasize it is not the case that any of these problems that have been reported to the FAA or Transport Canada are directly related to the causes of these crashes or to changes made later on.
However, they may have problems with certain systems that are critical such as the motors that are that adjust the horizontal stabilizer - the wing located on the tailplane.
There have also been issues in the flight control system, hydraulics, and wiring.
The horizontal stabilizer particularly is essential to keep the aircraft on a safe flight.
It is adjustable by hand, with an incline wheel on the knee of the pilot. However, in certain situations like if the aircraft is flying at a high speed, it could not be possible due to the aerodynamic load that are involved.
Joe Jacobsen is a former senior safety engineer with the FAA The FAA has been highly concerned about the method by which the agency first accredited for the 737 Max.
The report does raise concerns in particular with regards to stabiliser motors as well as the wiring and control of flight systems. These issues, he claims are likely to be attributable to manufacturing.
"If they are not manufacturing-related", he says "then we have a problem with the system safety analysis, as I don't believe we would have predicted this number of failures is such a short time span with such a small fleet of aircraft."

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