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Boeing Blamed For The Ethiopian Crash Involving The 737 Max Planes

Boeing Blamed For The Ethiopian Crash Involving The 737 Max Planes
The design of the Boeing 737 Max planes was primarily found responsible for the fatal crash of a plane of that model of the Ethiopian Airlines in March last year in an interim report compiled by  Ethiopian crash investigators, claimed reports citing sources.
Report also said that the opportunity to lodge concerns or propose changes has been given to the United States National Transportation Safety Board.
Confirmation of having received the draft interim report for the Ethiopian investigators of the crash was given to the media by NTSB spokesman Eric Weiss. He however did not say anything about whether the agency will make any suggestions for changes. 
This report was first published by Bloomberg News and further reports claimed that little or nothing is said about the performance of Ethiopian Airlines or its flight crew in the interim draft report by the investigators.
This interim investigation report is in contrast to what was concluded at the end of the investigations in to the Lion Air crash, a report for which was released last October. The Indonesian crash report had found that Boeing's design of cockpit software on the 737 MAX was faulty while some errors were also made by the airline's workers and crew which  resulted in the crash.
All 157 passengers abroad the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 had died after it crashed in to an open field six minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa. Following the two consecutive fatal crashes, the Boeing 737 MAX planes have been grounded worldwide for almost a year now.
Faulty sensor readings and multiple automatic commands aimed at pushing down the nose of a Boeing plane were identified to be primarily responsible for the fatal crash of the Ethiopian Airline plane in March because both the causes resulted in the plane crew not being able gain control of the plane, found a preliminary accident investigation report by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority that was released in April last year.
Preliminary investigative findings into the two crashes was released by the United States House Transportation Committee on Friday in which the approval of the planes by the Federal Aviation Administration of the country and the design failures of Boeing were held responsible for the crashes. The report had said that the 737 MAX flights were "doomed".

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