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Boeing And Porsche To Jointly Develop Electric Flying Cars

Boeing And Porsche To Jointly Develop Electric Flying Cars
Flying cars may seem like something from a science fiction story. However the United States plane making giant Boeing is partnering with Volkswagen’s sports car brand, Porsche to design and develop a concept flying car that could be used for ferrying people in a city setting.
Boeing’s main rival Airbus and other companies are already in the process of development and introduction of small flying vehicles that can take off and land vertically.
An inaugural test flight of an aerial car prototype was conducted by the plane maker earlier this year. The vehicle tested is capable of carrying two to four passengers and fly as long as 50 miles. That test flight of the prototype followed Airbus unveiling a prototype of an autonomous passenger vehicle which had been developed together with Volkswagen’s premium brand, Audi, just a few months ago. That Airbus prototype was capable to both drive and fly.
Boeing and Porsche said in a statement making the announcement that they would develop a "fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle" and would soon begin test flying prototypes. The companies also said that an international team is being created by them that will address the regulatory issues, public perception and infrastructure issues.
It has been some time that development of flying cars that can be used as taxis and for ride-sharing purposes was being attempted by Porsche.
Porsche "is looking to expand its scope" and explore possibilities within a "third dimension of travel," said Detlev von Platen, a Porsche sales and marketing executive, in the statement. "We are combining the strengths of two leading global companies to address a potential key market segment of the future," he added.
The market potential for premium aerial vehicles and the possibility of the use of such vehicles in densely populated cities and metropolises is being jointly analyzed by Boeing and Porsche as part of the deal, the companies said.
According to a 2018 study conducted by Porsche Consulting, the global market for the electric flying cars could be about $32 billion by 2035. The study was conducted around a vehicle that looked like a combination between a helicopter and a drone.
This partnership, which is the first foray for Boeing into the market segment for futuristic vehicles, also comes at a crucial time for both the companies. Following the very damaging diesel emission cheating scandal a couple of years ago, the German company is trying to build its brand image again. On the other hand, the US plane maker is facing its worst crisis every following the grounding of all of its cash cow craft the Boeing 737 Max planes all across the world after to deadly crashes that killed 347 people involving the plane model.
Boeing had also purchased the pioneer drone maker Aurora Flight Sciences in 2017 and has invested in a development lab for researching on new flying machines at Stanford University.
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