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Apple’s iTunes Would Be Available On Samsung’s Smart Tvs As The Two Bury Rivalry

Apple’s iTunes Would Be Available On Samsung’s Smart Tvs As The Two Bury Rivalry
In a rare collaborative move, Apple has agreed to allow its iTunes services to be plated played on Samsung televisions which are sold from 2018 onwards.
This is being seen by many to be a rare exception to the long-standing policy of the iPhone maker of not allowing its software to be put on and used on hardware manufactured by other companies.
This means that owners of Samsung’s smart TV sets would be able to be view films and TV shows bought through iTunes service of Apple by the users. 
This announcement by the US tech giant is being viewed to be a sort of a concession for the company and a detraction from its established policy of encouraging users of iTunes to purchase Apple TV, with a cost of £179, claiming that this hardware was the best method for users to watch material bought by users from Apple’s iTunes Store.
However, because of advent of much cheaper services from the likes of Amazon and Google in addition to those televisions which already possessed built in streaming services resulted in just a fraction of consumers of iTunes deciding to purchase the Apple TV box - which lets owners watch iTunes as well as services such as Netflix.
Apple is also planning to enter into the TV market in a big way and has already struck agreements with the likes of Oprah Winfrey. It has also commissioned making of shows that include an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series even though details of the plans of the company are not yet clear as can be expected from the secretive nature of the company.
The slowing down of global demand for smartphones for Apple and its profit warning means that its services business, including those of iTunes as well as the App Store and Apple Music, is now very critical for the growth of sale of the company.
Amazon’s Echo speakers were allowed to use the Apple Music streaming service by the company last year. This move was taken by Apple despite it also manufacturing and marketing its own similar smart speaker. Apple has also allowed Apple Music top be played on Android phones.
In 2003, Apple sacrificed the advantage held by its Mac computers as the company decided to allow the availability of iTunes on Windows computers. The aim of the move was to enable greater sale of iPods. The sale of the iPod was boosted and was seen as masterstroke of the company which was described by Steve Jobs as “hell freezing over”. The iPods became the most important component of Apple’s business before it developed and introduced the iPhones.
The move would give iPhone, iPad and Mac users “yet another way to enjoy all their favorite content on the biggest screen in their home”, said Eddy Cue, the head of Apple’s software and services division.
A software update would allow last year’s TVs to access iTunes while theose sold this year would have built in iTunes, Samsung said.

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