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Apple’s Mac Computers To Have Chip Developed By The iPhone Maker By 2021

Apple’s Mac Computers To Have Chip Developed By The iPhone Maker By 2021
The new Mac computers from Apple Inc will have its own main processors and are expected to hit the market by next year, according to a report published by Bloomberg reported on Thursday. the United States based tech giant plans to make use of new chip designs that are based on the chip that are currently used as processors in the iPhones and iPads, the report said,
According to the report, the research and development team of the company is currently working on developing three Mac processors being designed on the A14 processor that will be used in next generation of iPhones of the company. According to analysts, this is move that has clearly been designed by the iPhone maker to help it to slowly but surely transition more of its Mac lineup form the dependency on chip that are currently supplied by Intel Corp, said the report quoting sources with knowledge of the matter.
Intel was appointed as the main chip supplier for Apple in 2006 and the first Macs that were powered by the Intel chips were rolled into the market the next year. Since then Intel has been the main supplier of chip for a host of Apple’s products including supplying the modem chips for its iPhones.
Modem chips that is crucial for connecting a device such as the iPhones to wireless data networks has always been sourced by the company from on outside suppliers.
Last July, a majority of Intel’s modem business was acquired by Apple in a deal worth for $1 billion in its efforts to develop, manufacture and use its own chips for its devices. The company also managed to settle a long standing legal battle with its supplier Qualcomm Inc being fought over claims by the chip maker of infringement of its intellectual property rights by Apple as well as unfair patent licensing practices.
In the last reported quarter, revenues of $7.16 billion was generated by Apple’s Mac computers globally, while revenues of $10 billion from sales in the last quarter was reported by Intel’s PC unit that includes modem chip.
There have been reports earlier about Apple planning use its own chip for its Mac computers that as early as 2020. There has however been no comment on the issue officially from Apple. 
According to the Bloomberg report, the new chop for Mac computers will be built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Apple’s partner for iPhone and iPad processors.
According to analysts, apart from reducing dependency on suppliers for the crucial modem chip, Apple also wants to develop and use its own chip because it wants to gain greater control over the performance of its devices while also differentiating it from its rivals. Further, kit would also be easier for Apple to unify its apps ecosystem and launch updates for its computers more often by getting its devices such as the Mac, iPhones and iPads to run on the same underlying technology.
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