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Apple Begins Program For App Development In China

Apple Begins Program For App Development In China
Apple Inc has an announced strategy of further developing its services business in China – one of the company’s most important overseas market, and has now initiated a program in its Shanghai campus to help Chinese app developers to come out with more apps.
According to the details of the program, experts from Apple would give lectures to the developers along with holding workshops for the same and networking sessions on a regular basis, announced the company in a statement on Tuesday. Greater China region accounts for more than 2.5 million developers who contribute to Apple’s platforms. The region includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.
This program is also important because in recent quarters, there has been a slowdown in the demand and sale of Apple’s iconic and most profitable products – the iPhone, in mainland China as well as in the rest of the world. This has prompted Apple to focus more on generating revenues from its services business and company CEO Tim Cook has identified the services industry in China to be one that is a bright one in its revenue generating streams. Apple generates revenues from its services business from its apps, media, and other software.
There was a prediction from research firm Evercore ISI on Tuesday about Apple in one of its reports which claimed that there has been a potential increase in the revenues revenues generated by the company from its services business and was partly driven by increase in revenues in China for the same.
In 2017, a similar accelerator for app developers was opened by Apple in Bengaluru, India. Both the Indian and the Chinese smartphone markets – two of the largest and fastest growing the world, are dominated by smartphone makers whose products are powered by Android, such as those of Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
Earlier this year, a number of financing schemes were launched by Apple in order to tackle competition, with the aim of making iPhones more affordable for Chinese consumers. The price of some iPhone models were also reduced by Chinese electronics retailers.
In addition to the overall slowdown of the global smartphone market, Apple has also been hit by the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. Some of the suppliers Apple have been asked by it to make an assessment of the financial implications for shifting a part of their production capacity out of China, claimed a report published in Japan’s Nikkei. Foxconn, a major contractor for Apple, has said it is prepared to move Apple manufacturing out of China if needed. In an interview with CBS News in June, Cook had said that he does not expect China to target Apple because of the trade tensions. 

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