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Analyst Believes A Foldable iPad Instead Of iPhone Will Be Launched By Apple In 2024

Analyst Believes A Foldable iPad Instead Of iPhone Will Be Launched By Apple In 2024
According to analyst firm CCS Insight, Apple will probably launch an iPad with a folding screen in 2024, and the company will begin experimenting with foldable technology soon.
On Tuesday, CCS Insight released its annual predictions report, in which the company's analysts make predictions about future products and trends.
According to the most recent report, CCS Insight, Apple will launch a foldable iPad in two years rather than a foldable iPhone.
In contrast, other smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, have released foldable smartphones rather than tablets.
“Right now it doesn’t make sense for Apple to make a foldable iPhone. We think they will shun that trend and probably dip a toe in the water with a foldable iPad,” Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, told CNBC in an interview.
“A folding iPhone will be super high risk for Apple. Firstly, it would have to be incredibly expensive in order to not cannibalize the existing iPhones,” Wood added.
According to the analyst, a foldable iPhone would most likely cost around $2,500. Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max with the most storage, which is currently the most expensive model, costs around $1,599.
Wood also stated that if Apple encountered any technical issues with the foldable phone, there would be a "feeding frenzy" with critics blaming Apple.
Still, Apple has "no choice but to react because the trend toward foldables is gaining momentum," according to Wood, so the company will start with an iPad.
He stated that it would allow Apple to learn how to implement and scale foldable screen technology while also "breathing new life" into the iPad line.
There were no comments on the issue available from Apple.
There have been several rumors about Apple's plans for foldable screen products. Display Supply Chain Consultants, a market research firm, predicted earlier this year that Apple would not enter the foldable smartphone market until at least 2025. However, Apple has stated that it is investigating foldable technology for displays of around 20 inches in size. According to the market research firm, this could be focused on a new foldable notebook product.
Meanwhile, predictions of a foldable iPhone have been around for at least four years. Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, a prominent Apple analyst known for his accurate predictions, predicted last year that the company would release an iPhone with a folding screen in 2024.
According to CCS Insight, Apple will continue to invest in its own chip design.
At the moment, the Cupertino behemoth creates its own custom chips for the iPhone and iPad. It relies on Qualcomm, a chipmaker based in the United States, for modems that allow these devices to connect to mobile internet networks for 5G connectivity.
According to CCS Insight, Apple is likely to integrate its own 5G modem into the A series of processors in 2025 for a "single-chip" solution for iPhones.
In 2019, Apple purchased Intel's modem business. This fueled speculation that the tech titan would quickly abandon Qualcomm in favor of its own modems in its devices. However, this has not yet occurred.
In June, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would continue to use Qualcomm chips in iPhones released in 2023.
According to Wood, Apple has been "ramping up in-house capabilities" in order to use its own modems in iPhones.
“They (Apple) have been shooting for this target for years. They acquired the assets from Intel of the modem unit, they have been working hard to ramp that up, they are very keen to make sure they keep growing their control points they have,” Wood said.
“They don’t want to have to keep paying a third party supplier for their technology.”

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