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Amazon Wants Wide Testing Of Its Workers, Talks With Coronavirus Test Makers: Reuters

Amazon Wants Wide Testing Of Its Workers, Talks With Coronavirus Test Makers: Reuters
As Amazon - the largest e-commerce platform company of the world, struggles to find an effective way to screen its staff and reduce the risk of infection at its warehouses, the company has got in touch with the CEOs of two coronavirus test makers to find a solution, according to a report filed by Reuters.
Interest in working with the e-commerce company has been expressed by the chief executives of Abbott Laboratories and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. However, Reuters reported that the government of the United States is set to take up the current testing capacity of Abbott and Thermo.  
Discussions have also been held between the companies about whether it is possible to start such tests in at least one warehouse of Amazon near the Seattle headquarters of the company. The status of the discussions remains unclear. Reuters reported that the details of the conservations that Amazon as holding with the two testing companies and the kind of help that they could offer to the e-commerce giant were not clear.
According to the report, citing internal company conversations, Amazon is trying locate technology that can help it to test more than one person at a time for the coronavirus. The company is looking to strike up a partnership with a medical organization in its testing efforts. No further details were available in the report.  
There were no comments from all of the three companies mentioned in the news report.
Workers of the world’s largest online retailer are being subjected to temperature checks and provided with face masks at all of the warehouses of the company in the United States and Europe by next week.
In the long term however, the company wants to wants to conduct wide spread tests for its workers for coronavirus and hoped that other companies would also also do the same.
According to the Reuters report, the firing of an employee of the company on Monday was also criticized by Amazon’s general counsel.
Currently the company has made testing for coronavirus as one of the its primary focus areas of its operations and for bolstering of the American economy, revealed the company notes according to the Reuters report. The notes also highlight Amazon’s understanding that the US was still in the early stages of determining how to start checks for the virus and in addressing the shortage of tests for the virus.
While Amazon tries to scale up its screening measures against the virus for its workers, there have been reports of high-profile protests at several of the company’s warehouses because of the concerns among workers about getting infected with coronavirus if they come to work. Reports of Amazon employees getting infected with the virus have come from at least 19 warehouses of the company in the United States.
Till date, coronavirus has infected more million people across the world while more than 58,000 have died in the pandemic all across the world.

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