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All Ads On Content Related To Cvoid-19 Conspiracy Theories Banned By Google

All Ads On Content Related To Cvoid-19 Conspiracy Theories Banned By Google
All websites and apps advertisements that are placed on “dangerous content” that goes against scientific consensus during the novel coronavirus pandemic with the use of its advertising technology will be prevented, said Alphabet Inc’s Google on Friday.
With the global Cvoid-19 pandemic continues to ravage through a number of countries including the United States, its policy was changed by the largest search engine of the world. The pandemic and related spurious content had also increased pressure on digital advertising giants such as Google and Facebook Inc with calls from many quarters to be more proactive to prevent the spread of misinformation about their pandemic on their platforms.
According to a statement published by Google, the company will not allow monetization from ads of content that talk about various conspiracy theories such as the concept that the novel Coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon or that the virus was created Microsoft Corp founder Bill Gates or that the entire saga of the novel coronavirus is a hoax.
Advertisements on its platform that has harmful content like “miracle” health cures or those that tend to promote content against vaccination or content that encourages users to forgo treatment have already been banned by Google. Running of ads on publisher content that encourages those topics is also prevented by the search engine giant.
Advertisers will also be barred from creating their own ads that promote the novel coronavirus conspiracy theories according to the new policy by the company.
Running of advertisements on the novel coronavirus pandemic by a select group of institutions is only permitted by Google. Such institutions include government organizations and healthcare providers. This measure has been adopted by the company to prevent activities such as artificial price hikes on medicines and medical supplies.
Google stated in its new policy that any company or website that publishes advertisements or content that violates a particular threshold of the new policy will be completely banned from using all of the platforms of the company.
In 2019, the total revenues generated by Google from advertisements amounted to almost $135 billion with the help of programs such as AdSense and Ad Manager. These tools can be used by websites, which have been approved by the company to access and use them, to run programmatic advertising on their sites and generate revenues using Google.
In the first quarter of the current year, about 15 per cent of the revenues of the company ere were generated from “Google Network Members’ properties.” In its annual report, Google said that the revenues from Google Network Members’ properties mainly come from websites participating in AdMob, AdSense and Google Ad Manager programs.
The new policy is to be implemented by Google from August 18. Under the new policy, the search engine will be able to remove ads from single articles or, in some cases, entire sites.
There is a percentage threshold for policy violations for most of its policies prior to the removal of inappropriate ads from entire websites, the company said. That can result in websites being completely demonetized.

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