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Advertising Integrity Chief Of Facebook Quits The Company

Advertising Integrity Chief Of Facebook Quits The Company
According to a report published by the news agency Reuters based on an internal company post viewed by the news agency, the chief of advertising integrity of the social media giant Facebook, whose responsibility included appropriate handling of the ad products of the company related to sensitive subjects such as politics and coronavirus misinformation has left the company earlier in the week.
He would be leaving the company on December 30, Rob Leathern, director of product management, had said earlier this month on Facebook's internal network, reported Reuters. There were no communication from the company and no reports in the media about his exit prior to the Reuters report.
There were no comments on the development available from Facebook in the report.
He was "leaving Facebook to work on consumer privacy beyond just ads and social media," Leathern said in the post according to the Reuters report. He however did not disclose where he was moving to next.
“After almost 4 years, I made the difficult decision to leave Facebook, and 12/30/20 was my last day at FB. I've had a great experience in a difficult, fun, fast-growing and impactful role at the company working with amazing people. I was honored to call them colleagues!”  Leathern tweeted on January 1.
The company often placed Leathern as the public face of the company in cases of the controversial political advertising policies of the company.
In recent times and particularly prior to the November 3 presidential elections in the United States, there has been severe criticism of Facebook for allowing on its platforms to be used for the publishing of and wide spreading of misleading claims and conspiracy theories on different issues including the novel coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.
Facebook did not have "the technical ability in the short term to enable political ads by state or by advertiser", Leathern had tweeted in November. Following that a temporary post-election ban on political ads in Georgia ahead of the January 5 runoff that will determine which party controls the US Senate was lifted by the social media.

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